Chunky Plates are Going Viral Right Now — Designers Say They 'Add Whimsy to Your Dining Table'

The TikTok viral 'chunky' plate looks as if it's been pumped with air. Discover why we're loving this playful decor trend and shop the best of the balloon look

viral chunky plate
(Image credit: Ssense)

Lately, we've witnessed a surge in inflation, and I'm not just talking about the economy! Over the past decade — especially in recent years — there’s been a shift toward designs that look as if they’ve been pumped with air. The result? Furniture and decor with an about-to-burst sort of look, featuring rounded, soft, and oversized shapes. Think the Loewe balloon pumps that took the internet by storm.

While the idea of 'inflating' a traditional silhouette isn't novel per se (you can find the look at the best home decor stores), we all know that once TikTok catches onto something, it becomes a fresh sensation (remember the tidal wave of youngsters discovering Fleetwood Mac during the pandemic, thinking it was a new band?). Enter: the influence of creators like Nara Smith, inadvertently turning even background items into the main attraction.

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In the viral TikTok, Nara never mentioned the plate. She was simply making a late-night snack (popcorn rice krispies, to be exact) — but viewers definitely took notice. After some internet sleuthing, it was concluded that Nara’s plate was indeed by the designer Gustaf Westman, known for his puffy-looking glazed ceramics.

The Viral Chunky Plate

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viral chunky plate

(Image credit: Ssense)

As is not probably a shock, Nara’s white chunky plate quickly sold out, along with every other colorway from Gustaf’s website — but thank goodness for Ssense. The retailer collaborated on an exclusive collection with the designer, offering a very similar style to Nara’s in shades of black and sky blue.

Without fail, chunky dinnerware’s whimsical and playful designs ‘inject personality and character into the dining table, turning everyday meals into occasions worth celebrating,’ says interior designer Nina Lichenstein. It’s a ‘departure from traditional designs with its bold, sculptural forms and substantial weight.’ And ‘Unlike delicate porcelain or fine china, chunky dinnerware exudes a sense of presence’ — bona fide art.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a Gustaf Westman — A.K.A. the chunky plate design that started it all — it’s best to act fast.

Gustaf Westman Objects Ssense Exclusive Black Chunky Plate.

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