These New $5 Plates From Our Favorite Target Collection Hit Some of the Biggest Style Trends of This Year

We found this design-forward tableware hidden among Target's new drops for spring and haven't stopped thinking about it since

pink dinner plate with scalloped edges and ombre design on a colorful background
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If you know me, you know I love to shop at Target. In a world of skyrocketing prices and ever-changing trends, it is the perfect accessible retailer, full of high-quality pieces that won't break the bank.

I always keep my eye on their new slate of decor, and chances are I can find something that works well, looks great, and is decently priced. The style editor trifecta! It truly is one of the best home decor brands.

So you'll understand that I've been quite excited to scroll through the retailer's new arrivals, some of which had hit shelves a few weeks ago and some of which had just cropped up. As I looked, the pages were chock full of the expected — storage bins, Easter decor, you know the drill. But as I continued shopping, I eventually found something that stopped me in my tracks: a stunning and springy pink stoneware dinner plate, priced at $5.

I then clicked on the listing, and things only got better from there: The plate, which is from the Threshold collection for Target, is also available in an equally as exciting blue colorway and boasts two (it is quite new, after all) 5-star reviews. It's my job to hunt down stylish products at great prices but I couldn't believe another Target winner had fallen right into my lap.

But wait — there's more. That's right. The fun does not stop here. For $4, you can buy a pasta bowl with the same shaded, ombre design to keep your plate company. Colorful dinnerware is a big trend this year, so the time to ditch the white plates for something more exciting is now.

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Of course, the pitch-perfect finds didn't stop there. For more excellently priced and brand new decor and furniture from Target, just scroll down — I've got it covered. You're so welcome.

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