12 buys to give your bedroom a refresh for summer - including my favorite table lamp that feels just like a vacation

It's time to give your bedroom a summer refresh with these 12 items our shopping editor has got her eye on

A curated selection of buys to give your bedroom a refresh
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Have you considered swapping out your bedroom decor, soft furnishings or even furniture every season? If not, why not? It might just help you give your bedroom a new lease of life. Summer is the perfect time to make the switch, ditching those cozy high pile textures and darker, cocooning colors for decorative pieces that feel light and breezy. 

It's about using light and airy summer bedding, summery pieces of decor that whisk us away to warm, seaside destinations, and bringing in that California aesthetic with the use of rattan, jute and other textures of this ilk. 

To help you swap out your bedroom decor with summer bits and pieces, I’ve had a look on some of the best home decor stores. Here are 12 of the best summer pieces I’ve found that are perfect for any bedroom.

12 perfect bedroom buys for a summer refresh

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What should I swap in the bedroom for summer?

Give your bedroom a California cool aesthetic with summer bedding, which brings a light and airy look while helping to keep you cool. 'Summer is about swapping out your heavy, winter bedding with something light, breathable and crisp,' says Artem Kropovinsky, founder and principal designer at New York based design firm, Arsight. 'They'll not only improve your comfort during warm summer nights, but will also bring a visually cooling effect to your room.'

It’s more than materials though, and bringing a seasonal freshness to a modern bedroom can also be achieved by invigorating the scenes. ‘A simple way to bring summer to your bedroom is by introducing a summer-scented candle like citrus, sea salt, or coconut. It can immediately uplift the mood and provide a sensory reminder of the season,' says Artem.

Finally, think about the summer decor made from natural materials. ‘Include a touch of rattan or quicker in your summer bedroom design,’ says Artem. ‘A small side table, lampshade or a storage basket made from these materials adds texture and a breezy, beach-house feel.'

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