These are the best bed sheets to buy right now to freshen up your bedroom for summer – according to a shopping editor

Beautiful bed sheets to create the perfect bedroom, from silk to cotton, and where to buy them

A bedroom with lilac bed sheets
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Is there anything better thana fresh, new set of bed sheets to give your bedroom an update? It's the same level of satisfaction as lighting a candle after a good spring clean - the final flourish that frees up your mind and allows you to relax. 

New bedding can work wonders for your bedroom aesthetics and create a sanctuary feel and now is a great time to take stock of your bedding and embrace something different, from breezy linen in a muted color to a fresh cotton set. To help you rifle through the many brands out there, we've scoured the web for the best bedding deals out there to help your modern bedroom come together in time for the summer season.

Best satin bed sheets

Satin is a type of weave, often from synthetic fabric that gives a real sheen and makes them look super luxurious when they are actually a great budget-friendly buy. Satin sheets are great for bed sheets because the softness from the weave leaves a super soft feeling against your skin. 

Best cotton bed sheets

Cotton is a great go-to for bed sheets. Fresh, light and easy to look after, cotton tends to be woven into either percale or sateen. Percale’s simple one-over-one-under weave typically results in crisp sheets with a matte finish. Sateen, on the other hand, uses an intricate four-over-one-under weave to create a more silky feel.

Best linen bed sheets

Linen might be my favorite material for sheets. While it might be more of an investment than your standard cotton or satin bedding, there is something about this texture that makes you feel like you're on holiday. It might feel a bit thicker, but it's designed to be cooling in the summer months, and warming in the winters, working for all seasons. The material is typically derived from a flax plant, bringing that feeling of nature to your bedspread.  

What is the best thread count for sheets

Bed sheet thread count refers to the number of vertical and horizontal strands in one inch of fabric. It has long been thought that the higher the thread count, the better. 

But actually, more threads can just mean a thicker and heavier material. Make sure you're looking for sheets with an average thread count of around 200 - 600, anything above 600 can leave your sheets hot and heavy. 

What brand is best for bed sheets?

For the best brands for bed sheets, look to the likes of Brooklinen which does an array of fabrics including sateen, percale, linen and 100 percent cotton, Parachute, which does a great selection of cotton and beautiful down duvets to match, and Cultiver, where you can mix and match up your sets. Cozy Earth also has a great range of luxury bedding made with Viscose from Bamboo, and Bed Threads is a great place to go for 100 percent flax linen. 

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