12 Stylish Sleeper Chair Beds to Transform Spare Corners into Cozy Bedrooms

Sleeper chair beds aren’t just for guests — you have to look at them too! Here are 12 so stylish that even I, a picky style editor, would gladly welcome into my own home

sleeper chair beds
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Surprise! You’re hosting an overnight guest. But how do you whip up a bed in a hurry? And if you live in a city apartment, how do you make space for it? Don’t lug out the blow-up mattress just yet. A sleeper chair bed is the easier, more stylish answer — they’re inconspicuous, spy-like, unassuming chairs by day and cushy beds by night. How can a bed possibly unfold from something so small?! Magic.

There’s an unfortunate stereotype that sleeper sofas and chairs are uncomfortable. While it’s true that nothing compares to a thoughtfully chosen mattress that molds right to your body, I made it my mission to find the gems — sleeper chair beds for regular use. Ones so comfortable you might actually want to nap on them yourself. After all, who wouldn’t want to indulge in a cheeky home office snooze?

According to principal designer Evelina Juzėnaitė, ‘Sleeper chairs take up less space than sofas,’ making them perfect for rooms of various sizes, like home offices or guest rooms, ‘or, for example, a small studio apartment, as they can be easily placed in corners or other spaces where a sofa won’t fit.’ But perhaps the more relevant tidbit, and the deciding factor between a sleeper chair or a larger sleeper sofa, is this: ‘Since the chair itself is smaller in size than a sofa, most often the price is also smaller’ — music to my ears in this economy.

Place one of these accent chairs in a reading room or TV room and enjoy the flexibility to move them around later if you change your mind — a practical choice. But let’s be clear: practical doesn’t mean ugly. Not on my watch! As a style editor, I’ve done the dirty work: reading the reviews, comparing the specs, and ensuring they pass the style test.

As a city dweller myself, I know compact living well. Here are 12 sleeper chair beds so stylish, I’d happily welcome them into my own space.

Sleeper Chair Beds

What Rooms Are Best for Sleeper Chair Beds?

The short answer is: anywhere it fits! Any room where you would normally have a chair is fair game for a sleeper chair bed. That said, some rooms make a bit more sense than others (it might be weird for a guest to spend an overnight in the kitchen). Interior designer Evelina Juzėnaitė offers a few suggestions.

Even if you live in a studio apartment like myself, we all have a living room — or at the very least, a living room area. According to Evelina, this is a good spot as ‘the sleeper chair will take up space as a normal seat, but at the same time will be an additional sleeping place if necessary.’

Another option is a home office. These generally aren’t the largest, most grand rooms with extra space to spare. Even so, the majority can accommodate at least one of these compact chairs, says Evelina. ‘It can not only be for guests but also just a place to rest,' she adds.

A children’s bedroom is also a good choice. If you’re a new parent, the reasons for this are obvious — sleep is a hot commodity, so any way to make this more feasible is a major win. Given a sleeper chair bed’s compact size, they can fit in most corners, explains the designer, ‘suitable for sleepovers with friends, reading books, games, etc.’

What are the best materials for sleeper chair beds?

According to interior designer Jodi Peterman, ‘The best sleeper chairs typically feature durable upholstery that can withstand frequent use and is easy to clean,’ such as performance-grade fabric. You'll find these options all over the market — they’re popular picks for their durability and affordable price point.

Now, if you're looking for something a little more luxe and don't mind splurging, consider fabrics like linen blends, microfiber, or leatherette. According to Jodi, they not only look great but also boast the added perks of comfort and resilience. Sure, they might be a bit more on the pricey side, but with their stylish looks and long-lasting appeal, they're worth every penny.

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