The 12 Best Rattan Table Lamps — Chosen "Because They Add Such Wonderful Texture To Your Decor"

Though it's been around for hundreds of years, rattan is undoubtedly having a moment right now. These rattan table lamps are the perfect way to get in on the trend for less

rattan table lamps on a colorful background
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Rattan, the organic and natural material sourced from rattan palms, is everywhere I look right now. Back panels on chairs, armrests on couches, decorative storage baskets ... this is a texture that's having a huge moment, whether you've noticed or not. 

And when it comes to the best table lamps, "is rattan trending? Yes and no," said Veronica Colby, owner and principal designer at Evergreen Design Co. 'It has been around and featured in design styles for hundreds of years,' she told me. Plus, 'it's a craft that artisans have used for function and design well before this current trend.' However, 'we're seeing unique applications of rattan now! Like table lamps, pendant light shades, and even wall decor.'

So I'm here to curate a special editor's edition of the best rattan table lamps, all of which I have sourced from some of the best home decor stores. I personally would love to add a rattan lamp into my current design scheme (so natural!), so I'm really excited to share this one with you.

Take a look and let me know what you think — but save your comments until after you've checked out my round-ups of the best white table lamps, best green table lamps, best table lamps for reading, and best blue and white table lamps, as well.

12 of the best rattan table lamps

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How should I style a rattan table lamp?

Veronica suggests first situating your rattan table lamp in a sitting room, living room, or bedroom for 'cozier vibes.' Then, paired with 'cool neutrals (blue-grays, or light greens), rattan will add warmth to your spaces,' she said. The material also works with 'warm colors (rust, terracotta, blush) to create a feminine aesthetic.'

That said, you'll want to steer clear of rattan in certain situations and spaces. 'I advise against rattan in bathrooms with showers or poor ventilation,' Veronica told me. 'It's a natural material and prone to absorb water and grow mildewy.'

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