I'm a Style Editor, — These are the 12 Most Stylish Modern Swivel Chairs for Every Type of Design Scheme

Swivel chairs are great for a lot of things, including space-limited design schemes. Which one of these 12 will you choose? The options will make your head spin.

swivel accent chairs on a colorful background
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The perfect modern swivel chair is a lot of things — stylish, on-trend, well made, among other attributes — but it should also be practical and functional. And by that I mean it should actually spin. Why else are you buying a swivel chair if not to twist and shout while you lounge?

I have spent hours and hours searching for the most stylish accent chairs on the internet, and today, I'm applying that knowledge to swivel chairs specifically, a subcategory of seating best known for rotating tops and stationary bottoms.

These babies are timeless, 'come in all sorts of styles,' and are 'ideal in offices and studies where versatility and movement are key,' says Alice Moszczynski, interior designer at Planner 5D. 'They’re also nice in guest areas to help facilitate conversation.' Their overall practicality stems from that rotating seat, which allows you to turn and move without moving the chair itself.

The stylish selection I've curated below is based purely on aesthetics, retailer reputation, and customer reviews — in other words, I haven't tried any of these swivel chairs myself. But, if my style editor prowess has taught me anything, it's how to shop online and get it right. I promise each recommendation is rooted in real reviews from real customers, and real insights from my vantage point as an interiors writer. This might be one of my favorite round-ups yet, so take a seat and strap in — I'm about to take you for a spin!

12 Sumptuous Swivel Chairs for the Aesthete

How should I choose a modern swivel chair?

For anyone after a modern feel, Alice recommends focusing on 'clean lines and minimalist designs.' That's probably a good rule of thumb when choosing most modern furniture.

Otherwise, 'I’d choose based on durability and how often a chair might be used,' she continues. 'An office chair would fair better with a vinyl, while a guest chair can handle a woven fabric.'

Fabric color could also come into play here. Something like black or brown leather should be easy to clean and quick to hide stains and marks. Same goes for a darker upholstery (though cleaning might be a bit more difficult in that case). In other words, if you're prone to spills or live in a house where a bit of mess if normal (no judgement here!) a white swivel chair might not be the best choice for you.

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