"Matcha Green" is the Shade to Watch for Spring 2024 — Our Style Editor Picks the Best of this Calming Hue

Matcha first dominated the coffee scene, and now, its green hue makes its way into interiors. Shop all the home decor items our style expert is eyeing to embrace the most soothing shade of the season

matcha green home decor
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Matcha has surged in popularity over recent years, swiftly becoming a staple in coffeehouses worldwide. Regrettably, I'm not the biggest fan of its taste, but I love its concept: subdued yet lively. Akin to its gentler caffeine punch compared to coffee, matcha's green hue strikes a perfect balance between perky and zen. It’s no wonder that this versatile shade is popping up everywhere, from light fixtures to paint. And let me tell you: I’m here for it.

Experts in color theory, such as Michael Rolland, Managing Director at The Paint Shed, say that ‘A bright green is a perfect shade for your interiors for the spring months. This color trend strikes ‘the perfect balance between energizing and soothing,’ emulating the ‘fresh and upbeat nature of the spring season.’ And to my delight, matcha naturally reflects light, Michael muses, making even the longest days of the year feel that much brighter.

Matcha green paint

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Despite my dissenting taste buds, one thing is undeniable: matcha's hue is as delicious as ever. I've curated a selection of the most tantalizing home decor options below to lean into the soothing seasonal trend. So, grab a sip and scroll down for some inspiration. This one's a feast for the eyes.

Best Matcha Decor

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 How should I style matcha green? 

According to Michael, matcha green pairs best with neutral colors like white or warm tones such as burnt orange or terracotta. But the hue also has a fun side. If you want to make it pop, don’t be afraid to pair it with vibrant hues like bright orange, notes the color expert.

‘It’s also important to consider where you get natural light in the home — avoid using it in a room which is on the darker side, as this color very much thrives in the sunshine,’ explains Michael. Place matcha-inspired decor items in sunrooms or near windows to maximize its impact.

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