This Genius $18 Invention for Your Home's Electrical Outlets is So Simple, but So Clever — And Solves a Common Problem

Tired of yanking your plugs out of your electrical outlets when using a lawn mower or vacuum? This brilliant buy is the solution

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There are two types of people in this world: Those who have accidentally unplugged the vacuum while using it, and those who are lying. I will raise my hand and identify proudly with the first group; ain't no shame in that game! At least my apartment is clean!

But regardless of their willingness to stand and be counted, members of both groups surely know how annoying it is when you're on a cleaning roll, sprucing up a living room furnished, only to be rudely interrupted by a cord that has now been yanked out of the wall. Of course, you could invest in the best cordless vacuum and get rid of the problem all together, but what if there were a cheaper way to ensure you were never foiled by a finite cord again?

Because I may have just tracked down the perfect solution — and readers, it's only $17.95.

The Lock Socket, currently $17.95 on Amazon, is perhaps one of the most ingenious home hacks I've seen since this DIY water fountain. The concept is simple: a rounded, 3D-printed hook snaps onto a power cord's 3-pronged head, while the base of the hook screws onto the outlet's wall plate. As a result, the head of the cord is essentially locked into place once plugged in, keeping your vacuum (or, more importantly, servers and security systems) running without fear of accidental power surges (i.e. the cord is unplugged).

The Lock Socket is perfect for those with curious children who can't keep their curiosity at bay; those with cats who like to bat and paw at every cord they see; and those who are just dang sick of losing time thanks to unplugged leaf blowers, vacuums, and more. I think this is a fabulous buy ahead of summer landscaping, and could even work as a Father's Day gift for any handy dads.

In the worst case, pulling out a plug from an outlet with force by accident could cause damage to your appliances cord. If this leads to your cord becoming frayed, or wires exposed, you run the risk of electric shocks and even fires, and you'd likely need it to be fixed by a professional before you can continue using your device.

Full disclosure — I have yet to try this myself. But it's such a good idea that my passion for it is real. Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference.

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