Things Every "Hot Sleeper" Should Own — These Heat-Taming Ideas Will Transform How You Sleep

There's no reason for hot sleepers to suffer in silence. Ditch that suffocating bedding with some new, high-tech buys

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Hot sleepers, rejoice — it's time for you to get the answers you've been craving. Enough with the waking up in the middle of the night, sweating. Enough with the trashed sheets. And enough with bedding that works against you, not with you.

'Everyone has different sleep preferences and comfort needs,' says Julia Siemen, a sleep expert and certified sleep science coach at Sleep Advisor. 'Hot sleepers should prioritize their comfort needs by truly focusing on keeping both their bed and bedroom cooler so they do not wake up throughout the night too warm.'

As with anything, achieving that level of comfort (and motivating yourself to do so) is easier said than done, but when it comes to how to sleep better, it's so important try. Without further ado, let's get into it. It's time to catch some Z's

The ultimate guide for hot sleepers

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The best sheets for hot sleepers

According to Carlie Gasia, certified sleep science coach at Sleepopolis, 'hot sleepers should look for breathable sheets such as linen, bamboo, and Tencil.' Cotton sheets with a percale weave would also do.

As for what to avoid? Julia Siemen suggests steering clear of anything that traps heat or anything that won't help you stay dry.

The best duvets/comforters for hot sleepers

The best mattresses for hot sleepers

'Usually, the best mattresses for hot sleepers are innerspring, latex, and hybrid because coils and latex are naturally breathable,' Julia tells me. 'If you tend to sleep extra hot, you should look for mattresses with cooling covers or infused cooling gel.'

The best sleep accessories for hot sleepers

While your mattress and sheets are undoubtedly important when building your bedroom and optimizing sleep, you should think about your environment, as well. A few additional accessories (to either your bedscape or your bedroom) can really make all the difference.

What is your #1 tip for hot sleepers?

Make sure you're buying the right bedding, Carlie says. It's worth it!

'Hot sleepers should invest in bedding that suits their needs,' she tells me. 'Bedding that is breathable and has cooling properties can be a game changer when it comes to hot sleepers getting a good night’s sleep.'

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