It's Official: Green Linen Bedding is Having a Moment — 'And It Could Not be More Perfect for Summer!'

Green linen bedding might be the trend of the summer, but these cooling covers are here to stay

green linen bedding for summer
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It’s official: green linen bedding is the trend of the summer. While this idea isn’t entirely new, it brings together two things we already love: the lightweight breeziness of linen and the grounded, earthy quality of green.

‘Summertime always calls for lighting up, in palette and fabrication,’ says Amy Hoban, Chief Creative Officer of California-cool home brand Parachute. While creams and seafoam blues have had their time, green bedding sets are currently stealing the spotlight. ‘Greens are still going strong in the interiors world, and that includes the bed,’ Amy explains, adding that they ‘always feel like a breath of fresh air in the warmer months.’ Kelly Hannon, Chief Merchandising Officer at Brooklinen, agrees, noting that ‘we're definitely seeing an influx of all shades of green, particularly those inspired by nature.’ The Brooklyn-based bedding brand is ‘leaning into the green moment with new releases like Fresh Moss and Botanical Green’ — a relaxing shift from the electric varieties of recent years.

But why linen? Offering solace on the most scorching August nights, ‘Linen is light and airy while being naturally breathable and antimicrobial,’ notes Amy. Its unique moisture-wicking properties feel ‘even cooler than cotton,’ adds Kelly — a summer-friendly characteristic that aligns perfectly with the soothing coolness of green. Essentially, green + linen = a match made in heaven.

Green linen bedding might be trending right now, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Timeless, practical, and perfect for summertime relaxation, it’s more than a trend — it’s an essential. Here are my 12 picks of the best bedding sets that all but guarantee you’ll turn green with envy, unless you feel the breeze for yourself.

Green Linen Bedding

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How often should I wash linen bedding?

With the hot, muggy air of summer, linen bedding can quickly lose its freshness. As Kelly Hannon from Brooklinen explains, ‘you may find you need to wash your sheets or switch sets more often.’ Ideally, linen sheets should be washed every two weeks, ‘alternating between two different sets to increase longevity.’ However, everyone's needs are different, so if you find yourself craving extra freshness, feel free to wash more frequently.

How should I wash linen bedding?

According to Amy Hoban, linen bedding is machine washable in cold water. She recommends keeping it simple by drying on a low temperature as well. It's all fairly self-explanatory, but there’s a pro tip: ‘If you take your linens out of the dryer just before they are finished drying and put them directly onto the bed, you can smooth out any unwanted wrinkles with your hands.’ That way, your bedding looks perfect and is ready to go right away.

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