Best Green Bedding Sets — 12 Buys in Nature's Color for a Relaxing Bedroom

Choosing a green bedding set is a shortcut to achieving a restful bedroom, according to interior designers

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The best green bedding sets may be good for you — this biophilic hue is the embodiment of nature, renewal and peace, after all. It's also a staple shade for interior designers and decorators, from pale pastels to deep olives covering walls, upholstering sofas, and yes, adorning beds.

Green bedding offers a lot of variety, it can be dramatic in darker hues or a calm presence in sage and muted forms. Green's ascent to the interior black book has been so strong, that it's been called a 'new neutral' because of its ability to add intrigue and calm to spaces.

Find your green within this list of the best bedding sets in this cool color. If you’d like to get a better understanding of the dos and don'ts of bedding, explore our best bedding feature for the insight of interior designers and experts, alongside a selection of our favorite finds.

1. Green Patterned Bedding Sets

2. Green Plain Bedding Sets

3. Green Linen Bedding Sets

4. Green Cotton Bedding Sets

How to choose the best green bedding?

Your choice of green bedding will not be independent. The bedding like any other interior component, be it furniture, lighting, or accessories, works in connection with its surroundings. Your color palette will need to be your guide to identifying the best green for your bedding. In general, greens that feel cooler and more muted tend to look more sophisticated while brighter greens come across as more playful. "When selecting green-colored bedding, it's best to go with muted tones of green. For example a dusty sage or a muddy olive color, these are more sophisticated than a vibrant green and will pair nicely with other muted colors," says interior designer Caitlin Parker, founder of Parker Studio. Whatever green you choose, consider how it will work and interact with the light in your bedroom as this can also affect how the color is experienced. 

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