Best Patterned Duvet Covers — Think Beyond Plain With These Buys That Will Elevate Your Bedding

The best patterned duvet covers can help elevate your bedroom design if you know what you're looking for

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Stripes, spots, florals, the list goes on. A rejection of the plain beds that dominate much of the bedding world, patterned duvet covers allow you to add personality and print to your interior. In an instant, your room has more color and character with the right duvet cover. When choosing the right pattern, it's important to consider how it will work in conjunction with the other elements in the room, like your rug, bed frame, lighting, and furniture. You want to create contrast, not clash.

The scale of your pattern is another important thing to take into account when shopping for the best bedding sets. Large scale patterns can be great for making a more pronounced statement whilst small-scale prints are perfect for those looking for a more detailed look. To help you find your perfect patterned duvet cover, we’ve poured through the best home décor stores to develop an exclusive list of our favorites.

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1. Patterned Floral Duvet Covers

2. Patterned Cotton Duvet Covers

3. Patterned Geometric Duvet Covers

4. Patterned Contemporary Duvet Covers

What is the difference between a valance and a fitted sheet?

The best way to distinguish a valance and a fitted sheet is to imagine them as jeans. The Valance is a classic denim jeans, that doesn't have any stretch but if you can get the fit right, they look amazing and are a timeless style. The fitted sheet is more akin to skinny or stretch jeans, it goes on that much easier and fits every curve perfectly. Both are beautiful but your preference is the deciding factor. The fitted sheet has an elasticated hem that helps it cling to your mattress whilst the valance is designed to hug those corners with its box stitch design. Valances also tend to feature pleated frills that cover the base of your bed depending on the design, fitted sheets showcase the frame of your bed more as they tuck under the mattress. "I like to use a flat linen sheet or a fitted linen or cotton sheet. They both do have advantages but the look makes the difference. The flat linen or cotton sheet gives a more casual look if you just place it on top of the bed - which I love - and leave the ends loose outside the bed," says German interior designer, Constanze Ladner. Ladner takes an alternative approach to the traditional and she's not alone, as we see the linen look grow in popularity, more of us are going for low-maintenance bedding looks. 

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