The Viral 'Everything Shower' Trend Makes You Feel So Relaxed — 5 Easy Decor Updates To Soothe Your Soul

The 'everything shower' is all about self-care — but why stop there? Turn your whole bathroom into your own personal paradise with these decor tips for relaxation experts and more

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Have you heard of the 'everything shower'? If you consider yourself an avid social media user, chances are you have. But if you're more of an off-the-grid kind of gal, you might not be as familiar. Don't worry if so — like most things online or on TikTok, the concept has surely been around for a long time; it's only 'trending,' per se, because it now has a fancy new name.

The 'everything shower,' as this bathroom trend has become known, is the shower one takes wherein self-care reigns supreme. This isn't a quick 5-minute rinse before dinner or bed, but rather a labor-intensive scrub and rinse that involves decompressing, washing and exfoliating your entire body, and likely a hair mask or two. 'If you want to smell amazing and feel so clean and relaxed, you're going to want to take an everything shower,' Siff Haider, co-founder of supplements company Arrae, explains in a TikTok. Think of it as the 'Olympics of showering,'

And to accompany this mind-body wellness journey, you're meant to curate a relaxing environment both inside and outside of the bathtub, as well. Maybe you invest in a shiny new showerhead. You're probably going to want to light a candle. Expert everything shower-ers might even invest in a towel warmer, too. Whatever you can find to enhance the self-care experience, which is ultimately what the 'everything shower' is all about.

While I'm not here today to share with you my recommended beauty or body-care products (I've heard excellent things about the Ouai hair mask, but that's a tip for another time), I am here to help you craft a vibe so relaxing, and to teach you how to make your bathroom feel like a retreat

'Maintaining a luxurious bathroom truly goes beyond aesthetics,' said interior designer Florence 'Floss' Kelly, co-founder of tap and sink marketplace Yabby. 'It's about creating a personal retreat that supports well-being. A spa-like bathroom offers a daily escape, a place to rejuvenate and care for oneself amidst the hustle and bustle of life.'

Ain't that the truth. Now, I've tasked myself with turning your 'everything shower' experience into a luxurious, million-dollar rinse, and with the help of a few experts, I think I managed to pull it off. Let's get into it.


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1. Add accessories

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Your bathroom doesn't have to be plain. This tip might seem obvious, but it bears repeating: to make things feel more luxurious, add in accessories. This could be 'anything from your favorite [...] art piece' to a small sculpture or even a soothing painting, said Gladys Schanstra, owner and creative director of Chicago-based Drury Design. Maybe you invest in water features, such as a freestanding fixture you plug in and leave on the counter.

You could even place a wood roller under your vanity for an on-the-go foot massage, she suggested. 'Just think of your daily routine and how you can add just a little bit to it to spruce up your day' and set up your mood.

2. Try paint

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Speaking of calming bathroom colors, paint has a 'large impact' on how a room is meant to look and feel, Gladys continued. So when you think of a calm spa, you're typically thinking 'blues and greens and, you know, soothing light colors [...] associated with that mood.' If it needs it, give your space a fresh coat to up the relaxation ante.

Relatedly, Floss suggests keeping the accessories you've picked out in the section above to one calming color scheme. 'Your spa-like bathroom will probably be in neutral or cool-toned pastels like blues and greens since they create a calming effect,' she told me. So when selecting your pieces, pick those with colors that 'complement these hues such as to enhance the wellness vibe.'

3. A little greenery goes a long way

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If my time in the interiors world has taught me anything, it's that plants, much like Paris, are never a bad idea. You can add something as small as a few decorative plants and succulents to your bathroom to give it that spa-like indoor garden touch, or you can try for a 'full blown' potted plant arrangement, Gladys said.

4. Change up the shower head

Perhaps the most obvious tip in the book — try a new showerhead. There are plenty of trending options on the market right now, a good reminder that you don't HAVE to use the fixture that came with your apartment or turnkey home if you don't want to!

For the ultimate relaxation experience, try bringing in a seat or bench that can get wet — something like a wooden teak chair, perhaps — where you can 'sit and just enjoy the shower or steam,' Gladys said.

5. Keep it natural

You feel much more grounded and relaxed surrounded by nature — why else would we want to use so many plants? Extend that logic by adding other natural touches, not just plants, into your bathroom and everything shower where you can — think things like 'wooden stools and wicker baskets,' which help 'soften the space,' Floss said.

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