Bring hotel-suite splendour into your bedroom with these look-at-me styles in four poster beds.

There are times when a divan just won’t do and if you’re planning a master suite or a bodacious bedroom, it’s worth considering a Four Poster bed as a centrepiece for added impact.

The latest styles veer from chunky and rustic through to heritage designs, fairy-tale silhouettes and all-out opulence. With frames made from metal or timber, there’s a good mix of finishes, too – choose brass for a luxurious look, raw timber to create a rustic-style retreat or painted wood for something more timeless.

The slimmer and paler frames will give the illusion of more space while darker, bolder options will stake their presence with panache.

See the four poster beds in these gorgeous bedroom schemes.

Many of the current shapes come complete with a headboard – and most of these four poster beds can be dressed and cocooned with curtains too, so there’s the option to switch things up according to your mood.

Go beautifully bare – or for a touch of decadence or drama, drape the frame with your favourite fabric and adjust for the seasons, much as you would with your windows – wafty pale linens and sheer voiles in summer and cosy wool felt or plush velvet in darker, richer tones for the colder months.

This also gives you the chance to coordinate the colour and style of your drapes with some stylish bed linen – and when it get’s really chilly a beautiful blanket or throw.

Whatever you decide, a four-poster bed will bring a boutique hotel vibe to your bedroom. Room service by arrangement – obvs…

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