15 classic men's bedroom ideas for a sleek and chic retreat

Masculine style has many different looks, as these men's bedroom ideas prove, from dark and moody to light and airy, there's something here to suit all tastes...

Blue and white bedroom with muted pink throw
(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

When it comes to men's bedroom ideas, it's all about striking that balance between sleek and sophisticated, while still making it feel cozy and inviting. 'Masculine' decor has so many different looks, and trends in men's rooms are no longer just about moody hues, all leather everything, and low lighting, there's been a shift to softer space, filled with texture and light neutral colors that make these rooms less... James Bond-esque and more liveable. 

We've pulled together all our favorite looks to get you inspired if you are redecorating and that will help you create a space that feels sexy, stylish, and just the right amount of masculine. From what colors to choose and furniture that will be the focal point, to adding personality with decor and artwork, we cover all the men's bedroom ideas you need to know about...

1. Bring warmth to dark hues with metallics

Blue bedroom with mustard yellow throw cushions

(Image credit: Future)

Dark and moody bedroom color schemes do work well when creating more masculine spaces – navy blues, charcoal greys, even black – but the key to making those dark hues more inviting is to pair them with warmer tones and metallics. 

Going all over with a dark shade can risk feeling quite gloomy, but be inspired by this men's bedroom idea and give a dark bedroom a lift by adding in some copper and warm gold shades. The upholstered bedside table used here, plus those gorgeous mustard cushions, balance out the cool tones of all the blue going on, making the room feel cozy and inviting despite the dramatic color palette. 

2. Choose soft inky blues to add depth 

dark bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Barbara Corsico)

Working with a small bedroom? Take those inky hues over all four walls and up onto the ceiling. It's a total myth that dark colors make a room feel smaller, they can in fact blur the boundaries of a space and trick the eye into thinking the room is bigger. Plus, you get that lovely cocooning feel that's perfect when decorating a man's bedroom as you instantly get that den-like vibe. 

'A dark interiors scheme works in almost every area of the home, but especially well in men's bedrooms.' says Nina Tarnowski, Founder & Designer for Woodchip & Magnolia. It creates a warm, cozy and inviting space to retreat to at the end of the day with a masculine edge. If you’re ready to jump into the deep end of moody interiors, go for a statement wall mural, or paint walls and the ceiling in inky blues and deep charcoal shades for a decorating scheme that adds a real wow factor.' 

3. Or go warm with rusty tones

Beige bedroom with red cushions and blue wall hanging

(Image credit: Thomas Richter White Arrow LLC)

Men's bedroom ideas aren't always about the cooler tones, so don't be restricted to just blue or grey and experiment with warmer tones. Red is actually making a huge comeback, and it may sound like a very brave, bold shade but in fact, if you opt for a more muted, rusty red and pair it with some neutral tones like a dark beige it can create quite a subtle color palette. 

Note the slubby, textured bed linen in this men's bedroom idea too – not only are linen sheets ideal if you hate to iron, but they also give a room a lovely laid-back vibe that works really well in masculine spaces. 

4. Add splashes of color with soft furnishings

White bedroom with colorful abstract throw

(Image credit: James Merrell)

If you share a bedroom, so looking for couple's bedroom ideas that will allow both of you to inject your own personal styles, opt for a neutral backdrop. Then bring in color with decor and accessories like rugs, drapes, bedding and cushions. See how this bedroom doesn't have an overly masculine vibe, nor does it feel feminine, but rather just feels like a reflection of personal style. 

5. Decorate with muted tones 

White bedroom with blue headboard and throw

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

Monochrome, black and white schemes were once synonymous with men's bedrooms, however, such a high contrast can leave a room feeling stark and cold. So instead tone down the contrast and pair crisp white walls with warmer grey tones. There's still that simple, contemporary vibe it just doesn't feel as extreme, and you can still add monochrome touches, as can be seen in this bedroom with the throw pillow, just be sure to balance it with warmer tones. 

6. Use a headboard as focal point

Black and white master bedroom with layers of bedding and built in wardrobe

(Image credit: Rei Moon)

A headboard will add an instant focal point to any room, bringing in texture, shape, color, and pattern in a way that doesn't overwhelm the room. They can really anchor a space too and if you opt for a simple design can add clean lines that create a very contemporary look. Why not use a headboard to bring pattern into an otherwise very minimalist space, as can be seen in this white bedroom?

7. Switch bedside lights for pendants

bedroom lighting ideas

(Image credit: Photography: Joe Fletcher)

Keep visual clutter to a minimum by switching out your bedside lamps for chic pendants. Not only will this free up space on your bedside table and allow for a more minimalist look, they also create a very chic symmetrical look that gives off all the hotel vibes. If pendant lights are too bulky, opt instead for wall-mounted bedroom lighting for an equally sleek look. 

8. Layer up textures for a softer look 

White bedroom with black throw cushions

(Image credit: Tom Blachford)

Even in a very simple, neutral bedroom, what will take it from feeling overly minimalist is texture. It can be tricky to balance out the sleek, sexy, strong vibe you perhaps want in mens' bedrooms with making a room feel like an inviting place you'll actually want to relax and sleep. But by layering up some simple throw cushions and a blanket, you won't interrupt the overall style but will add an instant softness.

9. Pair a grey scheme with warm tones 

grey bedroom ideas with grey painted walls, a grey painted door, and a beige wool and leather headboard

(Image credit: Future)

There's no denying that grey is often the go-to color when decorating a man's bedroom and it is a safe choice but why not introduce a second shade to warm those cooler tones. So many colors work with grey, but orange and grey seem to have overtaken yellow and grey as the on-trend combination. 

A pop of vivid bright orange brings a real freshness and a clear focal point to an all-grey room, or you could pinch this men's bedroom idea and opt for a pale burnt orange, paired with a warm grey and ecru tones for a more rustic look. 

10. Create a serene space with sage green

Green loft bedroom

(Image credit: Billy Bolton)

A nice, very on-trend, alternative to grey, try painting the walls with a sage green. It feels slightly warmer, and fresher than grey but still very contemporary and masculine. When paired with a dark grey and a crisp white it almost works as a neutral, bringing in just a hint of color. 

And note the artwork used as a focal point in this room too – a really easy way to add some instant personality to a man's bedroom. 'Artwork never fails to impress and is one of the best ways to introduce personality to the bedroom.' says Jane Rockett, Co-founder of Rockett St George. 'Art can be celebrated as a gallery wall with his favorite photographs and prints on display, or styled more simply with one oversized piece of artwork that commands attention. Books are also a great way to add your own touch to a room and display your interests and inspirations. There are no fixed rules when it comes to adding personality, just focus on displaying the things that make you smile and the room will naturally fill with character.'

11. Bring in dark woods

Bedroom with black wooden headboard with built in storage

(Image credit: Chris Tubbs)

Instead of bringing those dark hues into a room with your paint choices, use furniture to create a deeper color palette. Dark woods have a very masculine feel and can have an imposing quality that work's well in mens' rooms. The wooden headboard in this space grounds all those lighter, warmer tones creating the perfect contrast that doesn't feel too bold or overpowering.

12. Go for a cozy rustic vibe

Rustic bedroom with wood panelled walls and black iron bed

(Image credit: Future)

Cozy, in a very chic masculine way, this rustic bedroom is how it should be done when decorating men's bedrooms. Simple wooden clad walls add a cabin feel and yet it's not gimmicky (zero antlers in sight), the crisp white bedding and simple modern furniture feel very fresh and the layering of the rugs adds that all-important texture.

13. Keep it simple

Modern grey bedroom with white bedding and throw cushions

(Image credit: Lindsay Salazar)

For a guaranteed chic, contemporary look, just keep things simple. Choose a minimalist color scheme of just one or two shades, keep artwork and decor to a minimum and pick furniture and accessories that have very clear lines and shapes. This bedroom might be simple, but it's classic, understated, and perfect for the room's small proportions. 

14. Add panelling for a classic look 

Pale blue bedroom with wall panelling and four poster bed

(Image credit: Lindsay Salazar)

No longer just reserved for period properties, paneling has been given a modern edge and can work in any style of space. Panelling instantly adds a very classic, sophisticated feel to a bedroom, and doesn't look overly fussy. Pair panels with a contemporary four-poster and plush bedding to create a very elegant, hotel-like space.

15. Go bold with pattern 

Master bedroom with black and orange wall mural

(Image credit: James Merrell)

A statement bedroom wallpaper or mural could be the starting point for the whole room's style, adding a striking feature wall that takes a space from bland to brilliant. This amazing abstract print pulls together all the colors in the room and almost doubles as a huge piece of artwork, meaning no more decor is really needed so the rest of the room can be kept minimal and clutter free. 

What is a good color for a man's bedroom?

The best colors for men's bedrooms do tend to be cooler toned like greys and blues, as they are guaranteed to add a sleek, sophisticated feel to any room. And of course, darker hues are also popular for creating a very cocooning den-like space. 

'While blue might be an obvious choice for men’s bedroom décor, there’s no denying its popularity.' say Jane Rockett and Lucy St George, founders of Rockett St George. 'Darker blues project a sense of sophistication and tranquillity and make the perfect backdrop for art collections and decorative displays where you can display your personality. Darker hues such as midnight blue, black and rich graphite grey also work well with industrial, minimalist and mid-century styles which remain on trend for men’s bedrooms. To tie everything together, we recommend pairing dark walls with opposing textures and materials to create depth and make the space feel warm and inviting.'

How do you style a man's bedroom?

The best way to style a man's bedroom is to find a piece or even a color that will be the starting point. It could be the perfect dark blue paint or a statement headboard and work out from there. Look at themes you might want to go for, do you want the room to have a rustic vibe? An industrial feel? Or a chic hotel look? In fact, hotels are a great source of inspiration for men's bedroom ideas – they are chic, relaxing and practical. Create mood boards too that can help you decide and visualize how you want the room to look.

Then pick out furniture and decor based on the styles you like, think about cushions, bedding, artwork, and accessories. With larger pieces of furniture like beds and storage, we'd say keep those simple and timeless, unless you want them to be the focal point of your room. Consider practical elements too like lighting and window treatments. Do you need black-out blinds? Where do your lighting sources need to be? Do you need plenty of plug sockets by the bedside and around the room? 

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