Dramatic Dark Bedroom Ideas

Dark bedrooms are cosy, alluring and restful – so where better to decorate with an on trend dark shade?

Be brave when it comes to using darker shades in the bedroom – combined with soft lighting and the right window treatment, dark bedrooms will create an enveloping atmosphere that’s perfect for a good night’s sleep. We’ve sifted through the Livingetc archives to find the most beautiful dark bedroom ideas, featuring moody charcoals, gorgeous greys and inky blues.

Summer or winter, dark paint colours or wall-coverings are also a great remedy for rooms that don’t receive much natural daylight, whether that’s due to a lack of windows or a north facing aspect. Rather than trying to brighten a dark room with bright or light colours (which may seem like the logical thing to do), resist the temptation as pale or vibrant colours just end up looking dull and drab if the room is naturally dark.


Instead play to the room’s strengths and use the lack of light to your advantage. Dive in with dark painted floors or walnut woods, and drown your walls with deep navy blues, smokey greys, or earthy tones. The result will be a room that cocoons you.

It’s easy enough to prevent these dark tones from feeling oppressive too, with the addition of bold hued cushions and throws on the bed, like those shown in the examples ahead. These can also obviously be swapped with the seasons, keeping a set of heavier textiles for the winter and lighter linens for the summer.

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Not feeling brave enough to dive in at the deep end? Try dipping your toe in with a versatile grey paint. Start with a mid-shade and you may become tempted to introduce darker tones on the floor, at the windows or elsewhere as you become used to it. Again the room can be enlivened through contrasting splashes of colour, whether that’s an interesting rug, artwork or bed linen. Get inspired by these stylish dark bedroom ideas…

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