on the move: 8 of the best portable lights

Portable lights for alfresco ambience on the go

‘Tis the season for alfresco gatherings, so whether it’s a full-on 4-courses with friends and family at the weekend, or just a mid-week, post-work wind down with a chilled Chablis and nibbles, an ambient atmosphere will help the evening along.

The good news is we’re no longer restricted to a few tea lights or candles for outdoor lighting. The latest technology has ushered in a new era of stylish portable lamps.

This makes it even easier to extend our living spaces from the home into the garden, balcony or terrace and create an extra outdoor room during the warmer months. You could even take these portable lights glamping for home away from home comfort.

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The portable lights in our edit are run on a battery, and charged like a mobile phone or portable bluetooth speaker.

In fact, the aptly named speaker light from Cox & Cox, is both a speaker and a lamp, so it’s a one-stop party piece. Just bluetooth your top tunes from your phone and you can set the mood from chill-out vibe to something more upbeat with accompanying illumination, if the mood takes you.

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The designs ahead are so good, you may not want to restrict yourself to just using these lamps outside. The beauty of them, is that they would all look as good inside, as a table lamp or on a bedside table, as they would lighting up your terrace – and obviously have the flexibility to be moved around and positioned whether or not there is a plug socket nearby.

This means they can be used and enjoyed all year round, not just kept in a cupboard when winter rolls around again…

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