The 'Cafecore' Kitchen Trend has Captured our Hearts – Here are 4 Ways to Embrace the Look in your Home

Embrace your inner barista and bring a comfy coffee aesthetic feel into your own home

a kitchen diner with artwork on the wall
(Image credit: Laure Joliet. Design: Electric Bowery)

Fancy being your own barista? Love the cozy feel of your favorite coffee shop? Keen to embrace a kitchen design that feels convivial, rather than clinical? Well, the cafecore kitchen aesthetic embodies all of the above, and it's the latest style trend on the interior design radar. 

Late last year, the 'Pinterest Predicts trend report named 'cafecore' kitchens as one of the standout design styles of the year ahead, and we're quickly seeing them materialize in our everyday homes. Channeling a curated, kitschy cafe feel, they incorporate the likes of coffee bars, thrifted finds on open shelves, retro-inspired furnishings, and bistro-style dining. It's everything you love about cozy cafes, in the comfort of your own home. 

Unlike other more 'out-there' trends, this one is far easier to embrace in your space, too. With just a few simple updates you can turn your kitchen into a more liveable chill-out zone to relax with your morning cup of Joe, your afternoon brew, and even your evening glass of wine. At this rate, you may as well wave goodbye to your living room completely! Here's what designers have to say about the latest interior design trend on everyone's lips, and how to introduce the vibe into your own home.  

What is the 'Cafecore' kitchen trend?

A galley kitchen with a small breakfast table

(Image credit: Caesarstone / @vincent_the_house / Photography - Chris Pugh)

As the name suggests, the cafecore kitchen trend is all about bringing the convivial atmosphere of your favorite coffee shop into your main culinary space. It lends itself best to open-plan kitchens where it's easy to introduce cozy seating arrangements for an all-out cafe vibe, but it's equally possible in small, enclosed kitchens, too. 

'Cafecore kitchen aesthetics, a rising trend in interior design, draw inspiration from the inviting atmosphere of cafes,' says designer Soni Mehra, CEO and creative director of Marble Lotus. 'This style blends functionality with a warm ambiance. Coffee stations and corners are focal points for intentional decor decisions within this trend.' 

modern banquette with blue bench in a minimalist kitchen

(Image credit: Bjorg Magnea. Design by PJC Architecture)

Some trends spend their entire lifespan on the fringes of the design world whereas others, like this one, quickly become a new kind of normal. Increasingly, we're all embracing a barista-level coffee experience inside our homes. Gone are the days of instant granules and drip coffee makers. At-home coffee bars now incorporate professional-worthy pieces of kit with adjustable grind levels, steam wands, and digital displays. 

According to Soni, however, it's more than just our caffeine addiction fueling this emerging design trend. 'Cafecore kitchens are gaining popularity as people seek a relaxed and social home environment,' she says. 'The cafecore aesthetic creates a retreat-like setting that fosters a sense of togetherness and tranquility. In other home spaces, we've seen an increased interest in bringing the feeling of weekend luxury into interior design through the spa bathroom and hotel bedroom trends, so naturally, cafecore is trending.'

How to embrace the cafecore trend

'Cafecore kitchens typically feature open shelving for stylish dishware, a dedicated coffee nook with quality beans, unique mugs, and possibly a rustic coffee maker,' says Soni. 'You'll also likely find textured fabrics in earthy tones, warm lighting through pendant lights or strategically placed lamps, and vintage or antique kitchenware for a cozy and inviting cafe-inspired aesthetic.'

While some common features certainly underpin the cafecore aesthetic, it's really up to you how you adapt the style to your own space. Perhaps you want to curate a dedicated coffee station to optimize your morning routine, or maybe you want to renovate your kitchen to incorporate banquette seating or bar stools. Whether you're a daily Starbucks customer or you'd rather frequent your local diner, the choice is yours when it comes to channeling this trend. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

1. Opt for Open shelving 

floating kitchen shelves with curved notches for wall sconces

(Image credit: Michael Clifford. Design: Aker Interiors)

By far one of the biggest trends of the past year has been open kitchen shelving. Instead of bulky wall cabinets imposing on your space, a curated shelf displaying a collection of kitchenware, decor items, and even portable lamps are still on the rise, and they're a great way to inject a taste of cafe culture into your kitchen. 

To get the look, dedicate a wall to at least one bold, bracketed shelf and style with artisanal espresso mugs, ceramic saucers, and perhaps your favorite coffee syrup. The next time you make a coffee will be like a heightened ritual. 

2. Add seating 

A modern minimalist kitchen with banquette seating

(Image credit: Photography: Jeanne Canto / Design: Studio RODA)

Cafes always have the comfiest seating - we're talking leather chairs you sink into, bistro dining tables to enjoy a bite to eat, and curved benches that invite you in. If space permits, create a seating area within your kitchen. This could be a breakfast table, a comfy accent chair, or even a window seat

3. Incorporate a coffee station 

a coffee bar with a built in coffee machine

(Image credit: Julie Soefer. Design: Marie Flanigan Interiors)

'Curating a coffee or hot drinks station in your kitchen or nook is also a perfect way to create your ideal cafe setting at home,' says Soni. 'I've incorporated this trend in a client's home by building a chai corner with brass, wooden, and marble materials, putting an elevated, luxurious feeling and heritage-based spin on the Cafecore trend.' If you don't have a separate surface or pantry space available, a corner of your countertop can work just fine. 

'The easiest way to up your home coffee game is to invest in a high-quality barista-worthy machine for your coffee bar,' adds Howey Gill of Grind. 'Set the vibe for your coffee station by paying attention to lighting, music, and overall ambiance - even aromatic candles can transform your coffee zone into the perfect place for this amazing ritual.'

4. Embrace cafe curtains 

View of a window with sheer linen cafe curtains and a large accent chair

(Image credit: Tori Murphy)

Cafe curtains, or even the likes of sink skirts, are a great way to inject the cozy feel of a cafe wit minimal effort. 'Cafecore is all about bringing that cozy cafe feeling home,' says Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors. 'There are lots of ways to accomplish this, but one easy update is to hang sheer linen cafe curtains at your windows.'

'If you're wondering, cafe curtains are hung in the middle of your window and go to the sill,' she adds. 'The drapery rods tend to be delicate and brass. Along with a marble bistro table and a fantastic coffee machine, you've got the perfect at-home cafe setup.' 

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