15 of the Best Jewelry Organizers — What Professional Organizers Use to Ensure a Tangle-Free Collection

The best jewelry organizers ensure your watches, necklaces and more are kept safe, sound, and looking as beautiful as possible

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Most Organized is a monthly series in which one of our style editors or a friend of Livingetc tackles the secret storage solutions that’ll transform your space into a style haven.

I wear a ring on every finger and more earrings than I can count — no exaggeration. My jewelry has become somewhat of a personality trait, and is often among the first things people notice about me. But this collection didn't materialize overnight. It's been crafted over years of trial and error. Not every piece becomes a favorite, and those cheap costume relics from Halloweens past still linger. But that also doesn't mean I'll get rid of them (okay, maybe the plastic pearls). Every shiny piece tells a story, and you never know what might eventually fall back into vogue. Until then, everything needs a home.

We invest considerable time and money in our jewelry and watches, yet unlike the meticulous closet organization ideas we devote to expensive handbags, clothing, or shoes, jewelry often gets relegated to a mere jewelry box or the boxes they came in. Something about that doesn't sit right with me. 

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As a style editor, if I'm doing anything at all, it's going to be aesthetically pleasing. So, I sought advice from experts with a laundry list of organizer requests:

- High-end department store-level displays (RIP Barneys) - Organizers that prevent tarnishing or discoloration - Storage by jewelry type - Ideas for storing costume jewelry - And what to do about watches?

15 Best Jewelry Organizers

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Below, you'll find answers and recommendations from professional organizers, including Lauren Saltman, owner of Living Simplified, who offers some tips to kickstart the process, and how to invest in closet organizers for your jewelry.

‘When setting out to organizing your jewelry, consider grouping like items together,’ she advises. ‘So your rings will be in one section, your necklaces in another and your earrings in yet another section of your jewelry organizing system.’ Think of it like color-coding your closet: ‘Within each group, you can further organize based on the metal (gold, white gold, etc.), by the stones or the stone color (diamonds, emeralds or red, blue, green),’ adds Laura. Now you're ready for the fun part: choosing the organizers.

Whether you're navigating a tiny city apartment like me, aiming to prolong your jewelry's lifespan, or simply seeking to avoid those maddeningly tangled chains, you're in the right place. These aren't your average jewelry organizers — these babies double as decor. Keep reading for the only jewelry organizers you'll ever need.

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