The 9 closet organizers that decluttering professionals will always buy for their clients to maximize clothes storage

These clever gadgets make closet organization easy by maximizing space and keeping clothes contained

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Organizing your closet is the sort of task you won't get far with unless you have the right tools. No amount of clever folding techniques or endless reconfiguring of your clothes will be enough to keep on top of the clutter. Alongside a ruthless and regular decluttering regime, you'll want to know about the best organizers out there.

If you have a built-in wardrobe with bespoke storage solutions, I envy you. With my small free-standing closet, I'm always on the lookout for clever gadgets that make closet organization easy by helping to maximize space and keep my clothes contained. But navigating the world of organizers can be a bit of a minefield. Gimmicks lurk around every corner and, while stylish storage containers can be tempting, they might not always be the most functional. 

'Fixed closet systems can look nice but ideally, we want the stuff we wear to tell us where to live,' explains Ben Soreff, a professional organizer at House to Home Organizing. 'For instance, if you have a lot of purses and you're prone to cramming them all into storage bins where they can't be seen, then shelf dividers can make things easier.' 

The priority when looking for an organizer, he says, is ease of use. 'If a system isn't easy, you simply won't keep up with it and everything will end up on the floor.' Worse still, that organizer will just end up as another unnecessary item contributing to your clutter and taking up valuable space. 

While organizers exist to - well - organize, the most useful ones will help maximize room, too. Since space is usually at a premium in our closet, this should underpin our decisions when choosing gadgets and gizmos for storing clothes. 'There is always a waste of vertical areas in closets,' explains Di Ter Avest, founder of Di Is Organized. 'Make the most of it by adding baskets or boxes to the top shelves and labeling everything so you know what's where.' 

Here, you'll find a list of the top organizers that professionals love that promise to turn your closet from cramped to capacious. 

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Di Ter Avest

Di Ter Avest is a professional home and lifestyle organizer and the owner of Di is Organized. Her in-person services, virtual projects, workshops, and digital book, Organize Yourself Healthy, help women create sustainable organizational systems for their homes and lives. Her expertise has been featured on Forbes, Today, ApartmentTherapy, Real Homes, and Kitchn; she has also given workshops at IKEA, West Elm, and Williams-Sonoma.

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