Everdure FORCE review - the first time our editor has ever given five stars

Livingetc's editor tests the smaller gas barbecue created by superstar chef Heston Blumenthal. And this is why he loved it

everdure force with an orange hood next to some woven outdoor chairs
(Image credit: Future/Phil Barker)
Livingetc Verdict

It looks good, cooks good and is more compact than the Everdure FURNACE, making it lighter and easier for alfresco life

Reasons to buy
  • +

    The best looking gas grill on the market

  • +

    Gives really good char lines to food

  • +

    Easy to control

  • +

    More affordable than most gas grills

  • +

    Light and super easy to move around

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Cleaning the intricate grills is a little tricky

  • -

    Difficult to put together

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Spoiler alert - this Everdure FORCE gas grill review is pretty much a love letter to the art of barbecuing. Because for something that is such a simple pleasure it is so rare for brands to get it right. But now, they have. 

I loved Everdure's FURNACE gas grill. The slightly larger, slightly bulkier sibling to the FORCE, I was keen to see if this more compact version lived up. Gas grills are a shorthand for easy, relaxed summer living - the ability to cook a burger or scorch a veggie skewer mere minutes after you've had the idea to. And the FURNACE scored well on being easy to use, great to cook with and looking like it had been designed with aesthetics in mind.

Superstar chef Heston Blumenthal has been collaborating with Everdure since 2016 and this two-burner barbecue has clearly been created by someone who knows good food. He's famous for his theatrical presentation and scientific approaches to cooking, and there is a precision in the way his Everdure grills can cook.

Of course, sometimes you just want to cook a good burger, rather than make a whole production out of your dinner. So I've put the Everdure FORCE to task, cooking sausages, burgers, vegetables and even a spatchcock chicken on it, alongside marking its style, ease of use and storage.  To see how it compares with other models in the market, see our guide to the best gas grills

Everdure FORCE by Heston Blumenthal: Key specs

Livingetc knows design. We spend hours testing and comparing the latest products, bringing only our edit of the very best to you. Find out more about how we review.

  • Cooking capacity: 960 inches squared
  • Number of burners: 2
  • With a hood? Yes
  • Power: Gas canister (not included)
  • Ready to use in: 5 - 6 minutes
  • Color: Black and chrome, but the hood comes in 3 color options
  • Height: 46 inches

everdure force 2 gas grill with orange hood

(Image credit: Everdure)

Everdure FORCE by Heston Blumenthal: Set-up

everdure force 2 in its box

(Image credit: Future)

I've got better at gas grill assembly since I reviewed the FURNACE, and also had a head start - the FORCE is very similar in the way it's put together. But I'm still not a natural flat packer, and I had to rope in a couple of friends to help. 

And in total, it took us just over an hour to assemble - one hour and eight minutes, to be precise. The way that it came packaged meant it was easy to see which part went where - not always a given - and nothing was too tricky to attach.

The parts included a stand, a hood, a fat tray, and shelves to hang tongs and place sauces on, as well as the two grills. 

As it has two wheels on one end it was easy to tip and roll into position. And it looked so good! Unlike all the other boxy, chrome or black grills around, this one had a retro-appeal.

everdure force 2 with an orange hood assembled

(Image credit: Future)

Everdure FORCE by Heston Blumenthal: Performance

The FORCE is the perfect gas grill because it's super-simple to use. It has two little handles - one for each grill - which you turn to control the temperature of each one. That's it. It doesn't need gimmicks because it just cooks well - and isn't that all you really need it to do?

When I'm deciding which of the best grills comes out on top the speed with which they pre-heat is paramount. I want something that I can just use the moment the sun comes out and my sausages are ready. With the hood down, the grill took around five to six minutes to get to full heat, at which burgers sizzled the moment you put them on the hot plates.

As with the Everdure FURNACE, the lattice of the plates creates a criss cross of charred lines on whatever you're cooking - sealing that grilled flavor into the dish. . With such an intricate design, the surface area that touches the meat, fish or vegetables is vast. So, as you turn it on the grill, it catches the char really well. 

And seriously, look at this chicken! This was cooked with the hood down, turning it once mid way through. And it was as juicy and flavorful as it looks.

spatchcock chicken cooking on an everdure force 2 gas grill

(Image credit: Future)

Everdure FORCE by Heston Blumenthal: Design

It looks like a 1950s American diner. Like The Jetsons have imagined a future where a grill takes just five minutes to heat up. Like a mid century designer had an understanding of modern technology. And the orange feels very right for now.

The hood actually comes in three colors - graphite or mint are options too - but it's the orange that stands out. Design studios like Michaelis Boyd and Gunter & Co have been using it in projects to create stand out moments which burst with joy - the mood you'd hope a gas grill would evoke, too. The centerpiece to happy evenings and get togethers it ought to be an aesthetic that raises a smile.  

Tongs at the ready

pip rich tries the everdure force 2 gas grill with the orange hood

(Image credit: Pip Rich)

Pip Rich gives the Everdure FORCE a whirl

Every little detail felt considered. The materials were sturdy and chosen to withstand the elements if need be, while remaining light enough to wheel around. The form fits the function, those  indented grills spreading the heat around the gentle curve of the hood. 

There's a geometry at work here that other gas grill brands could learn from - this is the model for a modern backyard where you want everything in it to look like it was curated. 

But! The cleaning is still a little troublesome. Everdure suggests that you wipe the grills while they're still warm, but by this point you're likely to be still sitting, enjoying your food. The trick is to keep the hood closed and then when you get a second, wipe a cloth over the grills to get the worst of the grease off them - anything else can be scrubbed off later.  

And it does take a bit of space to store - it doesn't fold down in any way so the size you see is the size you need to find room for.

everdure force with an orange hood next to some woven outdoor chairs

Outdoor furniture from Next, outdoor rug from Ruggable

(Image credit: Future/Phil Barker)

Everdure FORCE by Heston Blumenthal: Our verdict

The Everdure FORCE is the best gas grill to buy right now, if you want a piece of kit that is easy to use and looks good, too. Not only does it cook well but it's simple - it delivers on a promise that almost anyone can cook on it without having to worry too much about any technicalities. 

But that's not to say it's not intelligent - in fact it's smarter thanks to its ease of use. Heston and the Everdure team have clearly put a lot of expertise into making this a barbecue that works, and is sturdy and can be moved around (not what can be said of all models from all brands). 

The storage is a slight issue. It can be left out if need be, but when the weather turns you'll want to have somewhere in a garage you can keep it, and will need to clear a bit of room.

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