This Walmart Decor Hack Completely Blew My Mind — All You Need is a Plant Pot and a Pizza Pan

I can't stop thinking about this ingenious (and affordable!) decorating hack I saw on TikTok, and now you won't either. I'm thinking of replicating it in my home

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Listen — I understand just as well as anyone the itch to redecorate your whole home. One day you're fine; the next, you want to throw out every throw pillow on your god-forsaken couch and start fresh. It's not exactly a fever you can sweat out, either. Once you start noticing what you dislike about your space, the pressure to reconfigure and redesign almost becomes too much. And it's not for lack of interest or desire that you're holding back from acting on these impulses. No, it's something much, much more frustrating. It's ... finances. *shudders*

When it comes to redecorating your place with trending decor and furniture from some of the best home decor brands, money is the ultimate roadblock. That's why I'm constantly looking for refreshing and exciting hacks and solutions to share with you that are both cheap and chic — the very best shopping combo. These ideas, typically sourced from the genius minds on TikTok and Instagram, might solve a particular pain point (sconce installation, for example), or offer up a two-birds-one-stone DIY you would have never thought of on your own. One that's perfect for satisfying that redecorating bug without breaking the bank.

The below combination decor-storage hack falls more in the latter category, and I'm particularly excited to share it with you today. It's quite the ingenious idea, using only items from Walmart despite looking like it was sourced from Burke Decor, and is easily customizable, making personality add a breeze. You can dress it up or down, and, best of all, you can tuck away some extra blankets and more inside its frame. It honestly shocked me when I saw it, mostly because I couldn't believe someone had thought of this. Ready to see what I mean?


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Using a giant outdoor planter and a nonstick pizza pan (seriously, who could have dreamt this up?!), TikTok user Emma Villaneda (@thecraftedstudioco) constructed an unexpectedly chic end table with hidden built-in storage. I'm serious — isn't that amazing?! The whole project couldn't have cost more than $50. Plus, the planter she chose is ribbed on the outside, which adds some extra texture and interest — the perfect touch, considering we want this to look less like a planter and more like a sculptural end table. The pizza pan then fits perfectly over the top of the planter (something I'm assuming she measured/tested in the store before buying; a note to keep in mind if you like to replicate this), stretching to the outer edges. In seconds, you have yourself a contemporary end table for a fraction of the cost of major retailers. A living room overhaul in an instant.

But wait, there's more. For extra storage, simply remove the pizza pan from the top and fill the planter with whatever you'd like to tuck away: blankets, tabletop games, and more. I'm sure you could easily spray-paint the 'lid' if you'd prefer, or swap it for an appropriately sized tray of your choosing (if the gray metal reminds you too much of a pie). All in all, I'm truly blown away — if you told me this was going to work, I never would have believed you. But consider my mind changed. Emma even tries it with a slighter smaller standing planter and voila — the same end, achieved. This is a game changer for a quick and easy home refresh.

The Chic Walmart Storage-Decor Hack

Like in Emma's video, however, you should definitely style your DIY'ed end table with some extra chic touches are decor items. To really seal the deal in camouflaging its origins. Lucky for you, I've got some options lined up below.

Decorate your DIY table

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