That Taylor Swift Pic Is Still Giving So Much Inspo - Here Are the Kitchen Decor Pieces We Want From It Most

Shop the kitchenware pieces from Jack Antonoff's kitchen - modelled by Taylor Swift - that we've been coveting ever since he shared it

All the designer kitchenware from the Taylor Swift-Jack Antonoff Photo.
(Image credit: Burke Decor; Williams Sonoma; Macy's)

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift has a cult following. This recently became even more apparent when Jack Antonoff shared a photo of the artist in his kitchen. Fans initially presumed that the cooking space was Taylor’s - thus instigating some next-level internet sleuthing in a quest to find the glistening kitchenware behind her.

There were the usual suspects: a copper cookware set, the coveted Le Creuset Demi Kettle... really what you might expect from those who frequent the best home decor stores. But the point of intrigue here are the details: what color, and what size?! These are celebrity-certified items we’re talking about, so it’s time to get granular - if not for the sake of copying, for inspiration. Continue along for the exact items we clocked from that fabulous kitchen (Jack, you have great style).

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Splatterware Mug & Dinnerware Set

Splatterware kitchen set.

Price: $120

(Image credit: Burke Decor)

Not everyone’s cup of tea - or should we say coffee (pun definitely intended), but there’s no denying the artistic charm of this splatter paint design. Since we know Taylor frequently collaborates with Jack and enjoys the occasional hot beverage, one can assume that she’s sipped from one of these mugs before. Surprisingly versatile, this set would pair nicely with other earth-toned kitchenware, anything brown or terracotta - bonus points if its stoneware, which would look particularly lovely. If you're not a fan of the brown splatter design, this collection offers orange, green, and beige varieties, too.

Splatterware Bowl, Set of 4, now $144.

Splatterware Mug, Set of 4, now $120.

Splatterware Plate, Set of 4, now $192.

Mauviel Copper 12-Piece Cookware Set

12 piece copper cookware set.

Price: $1,999.95

Was: $2,299.95

(Image credit: Williams Sonoma)

Copper cookware is somewhat of a status symbol. Not only is it beautiful, but the material offers unrivaled temperature control. In fact, this Mauviel professional copper cookware is so superior that it's been a mainstay within French kitchens since the early 1800’s. Boasting a whopping twelve pieces, this set offers all the variety you could ever need - chicly, we might add.  

Mauviel Copper 12-Piece Cookware Set, was $2,999.95, now $1,999.95.

Le Creuset Classic Demi Tea Kettle

Le Creuset Enamel on Steel Demi Tea Kettle.

Price: $84

(Image credit: Macy's)

Even if you don’t cook, you definitely know Le Crueset. The brand’s tea kettle in particular is one of its best-sellers, so we’re unsurprised to learn that Jack has one in his kitchen. The artist’s pick is a stunning marseille blue, although the item is offered in a variety of color options as well. It's a lovely accent to his neutral splatterware plates and a compelling contrast to his warm-toned copper cookware. Achieve a similar, intentionally mismatched effect by selecting the kettle in a hue distinct from the rest of your cookware collection.  

Le Creuset Enamel on Steel Demi Tea Kettle in Marseille, now $84.

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