This architectural home is a masterclass in pairing industrial concrete with a warm, minimalist style

Concrete architecture, minimalist decor and soft organic furnishings are expertly paired, culminating in this contemporary home

A modern open plan living area with a raised cement dining area, soft furnishings, and cement architectural features
(Image credit: Sarah Elliott)

This unique contemporary home nestled in New York's Taconic mountain range hosts fascinating concrete features and a pared-down, minimalist decor. If it's love at first sight, you'll be pleased to hear it can be yours for the (pretty hefty) sum of $2,275,000.

Sitting atop a tranquil hill and surrounded by lush forestry, Sleeve House offers dramatic views of the Catskill mountains beyond, yet the secluded home is only a two-hour drive from New York City. 

With nearly 46 acres, the modern home features 2,500 square feet of uncompromised architectural design. It consists of two elongated volumes, a smaller one sleeved inside a larger one, offering two distinct interior spaces. 

The first, between the inner and outer volumes, is the more sociable spaces that use exposed concrete and charred wood as the primary materials. For fans of neutral schemes and soft, Scandi-inspired furnishings, the inner volume is more cozy and intimate. Across three bedrooms with unrivaled views, this space incorporates softer materials such as carpeting and sheet-rocked walls. 

It's built using sustainable materials like Accoya wood too, with triple-paned glass and a ventilation system that keeps the house cool in the summers and cozy in winters. A solar system is also tucked away in the grounds, making it an entirely self-contained home, perfect for a rural retreat.  

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Lilith Hudson

Lilith is an expert at following news and trends across the world of interior design. She has an eye for appealing designs and interesting spaces which she regularly shares with readers through home tours, such as this one. After learning about this project, she was keen to impart their lessons in using cement and soft furnishings together for a minimalist look.


A modern entryway with neutral decor, cement walls, and grey stone flooring

(Image credit: Sarah Elliott)

Upon entrance to the home, visitors are met with a dramatic, airy entryway. Large, frameless windows allow natural light to fill the space, reflecting on the stone effect floor and bouncing off the concrete walls. The intriguing architecture, from the concrete walls to the black cladding that wraps the inner sleeve of the home, is a feast for the eyes. 

The mood of the home is instantly set - at once cozy and industrial, it's a masterclass in pairing cold, pared-back materials with organic, soft furnishings. The black, Scandi decor style furniture contrasted with the white and grey walls offers a taste of what's to come elsewhere in the home. 

Living room

A modern living room with neutral decor including a white sofa, burnt orange chairs and a natural woven rug., juxtaposed with cement architectural features

(Image credit: Sarah Elliott)

An open plan living area is warm and inviting thanks to the soft, organic furnishings and neutral color scheme. The natural woven area rug and soft, curved seating contrast dramatically with the black ceiling (echoed in the rug's geometric pattern) and surrounding concrete features. 

The large sloped window floods the room with light, while offering visual intrigue with asymmetrical lines. This unusual feature marries well with the raised platform on the opposite side of the space, creating a harmonious balance in the room. 

Dining area

A wooden dining set on a raised cement platform

(Image credit: Sarah Elliott)

Concrete steps lead to a raised dining area with a wooden dining table, taking the meaning of elevated space to an entirely new level. A lesson in minimalism in interior design, the simplistic furnishings are calming and inviting rather than cold, thanks to the wooden materials and decorative vases. Despite the harsh lines of the surrounding cement wall, the resulting space has a convivial atmosphere due to the leveled yet open plan floorplan that allows for socializing. 


A modern kitchen with cement walls, black cabinetry and brown bar stalls

(Image credit: Sarah Elliott)

A mid-sized kitchen lies beyond the dining area. Cement walls, dark black cabinetry and a minimalist design give this space and a modern look. Taking inspiration from industrial interior design, the exposed beams and staircase behind the back cabinets feels cool and edgy. 


A modern seating area with cement flooring, leather stalls and a black metal stove suspended from the ceiling

(Image credit: Sarah Elliott)

Hidden in the far corner of the living area is this beautiful suspended wood-burning fireplace idea. Paired with the cozy leather seating, faux fur rugs and floor cushions, we know sitting around here in the evening is guaranteed to feel just like getting together around a bonfire. It's the perfect calming space to unwind with a book at the end of a long day. 

Powder bathroom

A modern powder room with cement walls and large mirror

(Image credit: Sarah Elliott)

The downstairs powder room continues the theme of bare concrete, echoing a brutalist architecture feel. Meanwhile, the large unframed mirror, simplistic white bathroom fixtures and chrome hardware demonstrate the power of minimalist designs for a stylish concrete bathroom idea.


A large industrial style staircase with black step and hand rail and cement walls

(Image credit: Sarah Elliott)

One of the most impressive design statements in the home is the large industrial staircase idea which acts as the transitional space between the inner and outer volumes of the home. Black steps and a black handrail contrast with the grey and white walls on either side, resulting in an elegant, minimalistic design 


A light bedroom with white walls, beige carpet flooring and a natural woven area rug and a white boucle chair

(Image credit: Sarah Elliott)

The inner volume of the home is barely recognizable as fresh white walls and carpet flooring offer a more conventional homely feel with a warm color scheme. And yet, soft and cozy furnishing and warm textures still dominate the space. We love the boucle wingback chair paired with the jute rug next to the large sliding glass door that leads onto the balcony. 


A blue mosaic tiled bathroom with white tub and shower niches

(Image credit: Sarah Elliott)

Finally, the main bathroom is a beautiful example of a powder blue bathroom idea using delicate mosaic tiles. Saturating the room with one color creates a fresh look, especially alongside the traditional white fixtures, perfect for an airy bathroom. Simplistic shower niches and minimal decor help maximize the effect of the modern look with clean, sharp lines.

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