These new IKEA Drawer Organizers Marry Functionality and Style — 'They're Perfect for Small Bathrooms!'

The canvas-style drawer dividers are part of a brand-new collection, complete with a neutral all-purpose toiletry bag

A bathroom drawer with canvas drawer dividers creating individual compartments for cosmetics
(Image credit: IKEA)

Organizing a bathroom is not for the faint of heart. Large spaces are already hard enough to tackle but when space is at a premium, finding a home for all your cosmetics and cleaning products, as well as the bear essentials, becomes a near-impossible task. As a result, it's vital you utilize every inch of storage space in these highly functional parts of the home, and that includes your drawers.

Right now, I can almost guarantee your bathroom drawers are a cluttered mess of abandoned cosmetics, long-forgotten hair accessories, medicines way past their use-by date - the list goes on. While many of these can almost certainly be thrown away, others are bathroom essentials worth keeping, and a vanity drawer does of course make the most intuitive home.

To restore order to your modern bathroom, all that's required on your part is a bit of organization. I'm here to tell you that drawer dividers are your savior and, better yet, IKEA just launched some new products perfect for the job. Released as part of their BOLLÖSUND bathroom collection, composed of canvas accessories that add a calming neutral splash to your space, the different organizers offer a variety of configurations to maximize your drawers' efficiency and make your storage as streamlined as can be. In my eyes, no bathroom is complete without them.

A bathroom drawer with canvas drawer dividers creating individual compartments for cosmetics

(Image credit: IKEA)

If, like me, you're stuck with an exceedingly small bathroom, these drawer organizers are perfect for your space. Made of a beige canvas-like material, you can choose from a set of four rigid boxes designed to fit together to form different-sized compartments within your drawers, or a single hanging compartment that sits over existing compartments within your drawers to maximize space.

The latter of these is soft, making it easy to fold and store when not in use and perfect for awkwardly shaped items such as hairbrushes or cosmetic bottles. The former is a more traditional style of drawer organizer, and the fixed shape makes it better suited for corralling similar items like hair ties, cotton pads, or Qtips.

To give your bathroom a sense of uniformity, there's also a simple yet beautiful toiletry bag as part of the collection, perfect for taking on your travels. Used together, these organizers are the ideal formula for efficient bathroom storage, and they each embody IKEA's simple Scandi aesthetic we all know and love.

'Whether it's a lack of space or inadequate storage solutions, many bathrooms suffer from clutter simply because items don't have designated places to go,' explains Di Ter Avest, a professional organizer and owner of Di is Organized. 'People with organized bathrooms always invest in storage solutions such as drawer organizers to keep everything in its rightful place, and I find drawer inserts or dividers especially good for hair accessories.'

A bathroom drawer with canvas drawer dividers creating individual compartments for cosmetics

(Image credit: IKEA)

While drawer dividers are without a doubt one of the bathroom organizers that professionals always recommend, there are some instances where you may want to avoid using a fabric material organizer, instead opting for solid, easy-to-clean alternatives like these acrylic drawer dividers from Amazon. Ben Soreff of House to Home Organizing agrees. 'Because these dividers are canvas they would work well for a variety of items, but I wouldn't recommend them for anything that will leak or stain,' he says.

That being said, Ben says the advantages of investing in the right drawer divider are two-fold. 'Not only keep your items separate so you can find them, but they create a natural limit on the total amount of stuff you're able to store,' he notes. That means that once you've given everything a designated home, you'll minimize the risk of dual purchases or copious hoarding.

When it comes to practical storage solutions that marry style and functionality, we can always count on our friends at IKEA. If you want a streamlined bathroom with an elegant and natural touch - even inside your drawers - these new IKEA organizers are the one for you.

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