You'll NEVER guess where I found this luxe Cyber Monday Christmas tree deal - and it's currently 70% off

I could not believe the markdown on this 7.5-foot, pre-lit artificial Christmas tree and I think you're going to be just as shocked

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I know there are plenty of people out there who wouldn't dream of decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving is over ... but what about shopping for Christmas before Thanksgiving is over? That's a retail gray area, right? You don't have to display your new purchases until you deem it seasonally appropriate (i.e. post-turkey day), but you could have all the new pieces and trinkets ready for imminent launch once the tryptophan wears off. That's just pure efficiency, really.

If that sounds like a value proposition you're interested in, you've come to the right place. As one of Livingetc's style editors, not only will I help you figure out exactly where to buy Christmas decorations, but I will also dig into all of the festive deals on your behalf so that you can shop the Cyber Monday home deals when convenient then display your purchases on your own time, whether that's pre or post-food-filled holiday.

So off the back of my recent round-up of the 9 best faux artificial Christmas trees on the market, I spent some time trawling the pre-Black Friday Christmas tree sales to see what discounts I could uncover for those willing to wait until after Thanksgiving to set up their tree. And reader, what I found will not disappoint. 

The best faux Christmas tree deal right now

Faux Christmas tree

(Image credit: Michael's)

Imagine my surprise as I was scrolling deals online, only to stumble on this steal from Michael's, of all places. Of course, I immediately clicked in. 70% off? Amazing. Just $150 for a 7.5ft, pre-lit, easy-assemble faux tree? Huge. 4 out of 5 stars across 559 reviews? Even better.

In most cases, a quality 7.5ft pre-lit tree could run you upwards of $300, maybe even $400. But this Michael's option has everything you'd love about a more expensive and luxurious piece — lighting, height, full, robust branches — for the price of mid-tier one. The branches are even ever-so-slightly flocked, so you can get that snow-kissed look without sacrificing the deep green color we all know and love. I really think this is the Christmas steal of the week!

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