Just in: These 5 LAFCO candles will light up your holiday season

Prepare to meet your perfect match with these five LAFCO candles that are perfect for the holiday season.

LAFCO candles new holiday release
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The holidays are right around the corner, and this year, LAFCO candles want to make this season one for the books and get the celebrations started early than expected. But, how? Simple: invest in the LAFCO candles holiday collection, of course. 

LAFCO candles holiday collection not only features some of the best candles on the market consists of five sensational scents that will transport you (with no travel required). 

Reach for Spiced Pomander to experience a crisp Autumn day at the apple orchard, or transition to chillier moments with their Champagne Holiday candle. 

No matter the reason, season, or occasion you're trying to emulate, each soy candle offers the same gorgeous glass vessel that doubles as décor and a burn time of up to 50 hours. Meaning, the party never has to stop! 

5 LAFCO Candles to invest in this holiday season

Still, if you're having difficulty navigating which of the best home fragrances here are best for you (and all of your) holiday needs, we're here to help. These are the five fabulously fragrant LAFCO candles to invest in this season. 

1. Spiced Pomander

LAFCO candle spiced pomander

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Spiced Pomander Candle

Spiced Pomander Candle starting at $17, at LAFCO

Give a modern twist to your usual holiday traditions by opting for the Spiced Pomander candle. Designed in three different sizes — 1.9oz, 6.5oz, or 15.5oz —  prepare to immerse your homes with bitter orange, decorated with clove buds, nestles in the warm richness of fresh cinnamon; letting you know the holidays are near. 

2. Champagne Holiday

LAFCO candles champagne holiday

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Champagne Holiday Candle

Champagne Holiday Candle for $65, at LAFCO 

Prepare for the most epic champagne toast this holiday season with this candle. Fresh mandarin zest and sparkling neroli scents are drizzled with golden honey, as a dollop of sweet vanilla with a dash of frosted ginger reveals the brightest of holiday fragrances. 

3. Frosted Pine

LAFCO candles frosted pine

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Frosted Pine Candle

Frosted Pine Candle for $65, at LAFCO 

Inspired by the snowy forests of winter, this choice infuses homes with freshly fallen pine needles combine with white birch and smoky cedar to create a fresh and festive holiday fragrance that perfectly captures the season. 

4. Winter Currant

LAFCO candles winter currant scent

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Winter Currant Candle

Winter Currant Candle for $65, at LAFCO

The sweetness of heliotrope is infused with lush redcurrant and a whiff of mandarin nectar to form a delightful concoction that livens up your home with a scent made for celebrations. 

5. White Maple Bourbon

LAFCO candles white maple bourbon scent

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White Maple Bourbon Candle

White Maple Bourbon Candle for $65, at LAFCO

With smooth bourbon enveloping accents of white maple wood and precious vanilla bean, this candle welcomes you to a new scent while reminding you of quiet evenings curled up by the fire. 

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