IKEA’s Mini Rolling Kitchen Cart is a Must-Have for Small Kitchens (and They Just Launched a New Finish)

This wooden trolley makes for the perfect organizational buddy, and it has experts' seal of approval

IKEA BEKVÄM kitchen carts against a gradient background
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Small kitchens aren't the negative home concept you think they are. In fact, if done right and organized well, a small kitchen can be elegantly chic while also ultra-practical. However, due to the neverending doom scroll of viral kitchen buys, you may find yourself stuck with too many items taking up vital countertop real estate, which is exactly why you might be in search of a little extra surface space. 

Lucky for us, IKEA's latest edition of the BEKVÄM kitchen cart has been made with convenience in mind. This tiny mobile trolley is the ultimate organizational buddy and its clean finish contributes to its aesthetic adaptability, so no matter the current colorway or artistic theme of your modern kitchen, this cart is capable of fitting right into the space. IKEA is known for blending their Scandi style with efficient design and this mainstay is no exception. Better yet, it's now available in a brand-new finish. We spoke to a couple of experts and they consider this cart to be a great addition to a bijou kitchen.

Use the IKEA BEKVÄM Kitchen Cart For Strategic Storage

A kitchen with two mobile wooden kitchen carts

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Originally made from birch, IKEA recently launched the BEKVÄM kitchen cart in beech wood. With an even grain through the timber and a light brown finish, the finish lends to the kitchen cart's elevated finish. 

According to cleaning expert Alessandro Gazzo, this type of solid wood is nice and sturdy, and it can stand the test of time as long as you take good care of it. 'It's easy maintenance is important around the kitchen, where everything is exposed to grease and food spilling,' he says. 'Usually, a drop of mild, all-purpose degreaser is enough, along with warm water and a non-scratch sponge.'

This kitchen cart's ability to create room for storage and its two-wheeled design make it a clever addition to small kitchens. The fact that it's not wheeled on all four legs allows the cart to sit snug and stable without having to worry about mobile mishaps that may otherwise send the cart swerving away from its spot. 

We recommend using this convenient cart to store cookware and dinnerware that is used frequently for ease of reach. And if kitchen organization isn't your current concern, home expert Katherine Aul Cervoni suggests using the BEKVÄM cart as a dedicated space to house your Kitchenaid mixer while loading the shelves below with your go-to cookbooks and your favorite set of nested mixing bowls.

IKEA's wooden kitchen cart in a minimalist kitchen

(Image credit: IKEA)

'Aside from its functionality, my favorite thing about the BEKVÄM cart is its ability to be a style chameleon as it can easily be incorporated into just about any kitchen aesthetic,' she says. 'This makes it so you can also use the cart for a bar set up or a coffee and tea station.'

If you consider yourself a maximalist and you're attempting to perfect the kitschen trend, this cart could still come in handy. Interior designer Elana Mendelson points out that since the IKEA BEKVÄM kitchen cart isn't a permanent fixture, it can easily be painted or stained in a fun color to complement the kitchen cabinets. 'If painting the kitchen cart isn't in the cards, adding colorful items like pretty plates, brightly colored small appliances, or even displaying your vibrant kitchen towels can be great, functional, and decorative options,' she says.

So whether you're running out of countertop space or you're simply on the lookout for a classic piece of furniture for your kitchen, consider the IKEA BEKVÄM. And if you're unable to make it to the Scandi store and you're looking for similar options, we've curated a list of items that would work just as well.

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