See inside Frank Lloyd Wright's Californian ranch, now on sale at $4.25 million

The intriguing Prairie style home in the sunny San Joaquin Valley was one of the renowned architect's final designs

An exterior view of an property with a pool and large windows
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A home designed by America’s most famous architect (and Livingetc favorite), Frank Lloyd Wright, is on the market for $4,250,000. Endearingly named The Fawcett Farm, the home is set across 4,000 sq ft in California's sunny San Joaquin Valley, and it's an idyllic example of the architect's mid-century style. 

During his lifetime over 1,000 Frank Lloyd Wright houses were built, mostly hallmarked by his distinctive 'Prairie Style' - otherwise known as 'Usonian' homes - complete with flat roofs, overhanging eaves, and horizontal lines inspired by the flat expanses of the US's mid-West. Now, one of those final projects, part of 60 single-family homes designed later in Frank's career, could be yours. 

The 96-acre ranch in Los Banos was completed in 1961 and melds elements of the mid-century-modern aesthetic with Wright’s distinctive style. It's original owners, Stanford football-star Buck Fawcett and his wife, built the home from Wright's plans.  Boasting seven bedrooms and six full baths, it features a floor-to-ceiling windows, a characteristic flat roof, and a gorgeous geometric motif throughout culminating in a unique, visually intriguing design. Here, we take a look inside. 

A large entryway with floor to ceiling windows

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Upon entering Fawcett Farm (listed by Top Ten Real Estate Deals via Crosby Doe Associates) you're met by an expansive entryway that sets the tone of the rest of the interior, complete with geometric motifs in the tiles and stained-glass, and floor-to-ceiling windows with hardwood frames. A hallway snakes around the perimeter of the home with panoramic windows flooding the space with natural light. 

A kitchen with asymmetrical architecture and granite worktops

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The geometric outlines continue through to the kitchen where an asymmetrical design makes for one of the most unusual kitchens we've ever seen. Similarly to Frank's iconic Fallingwater home, angular shapes jut out across the room in intriguing ways. The sculpted design of the ceiling allows natural light to creep into the space in an imaginative ad aesthetic way, while the levelled shelving and recessed ceiling spaces make the small kitchen feel larger. 

A living room with banquette seating, mid-Century furniture and leather chairs

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An open floor plan connects the living, dining, and family areas. Classic mid-century wooden built-ins including cabinets, shelving, and seating represent Frank's iconic style, while the many windows offer vistas of the mountains beyond. But the real showstopper in this living space is the unique fireplace shaped like a tree trunk, working to bridge the gap between inside and out. 

A bedroom with large windows and tiled floors

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In the bedrooms, the framed windows flood the neutral space with a warm glow, inviting the Californian sun inside during all hours of the day. Angular lines dominate the furniture and shelving while the angular floorplan and partition walls allows for a cohesive flow from room to room. 

A large bathroom with dark wooden cabinetry and a double vanity with granite sink

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The six full bathrooms all boast an impressive size with oversized double-vanities. Large walk-in showers feature stone tiles which dramatically contrast with the warm wood cabinetry. As is the case throughout the rest of the interior, the geometric tiled flooring echoes the angular pitched ceiling. 

A backyard with palm trees and a green lawn

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The master bedroom and communal spaces open out onto the outdoor pool deck and patio area. In addition to a gorgeous recessed pool, the landscaped backyard also features palm trees, stone walkways, a Japanese garden, and a koi pond with a waterfall for a truly tranquil space. 

Listed by Crosby Doe of Crosby Doe Associates. Images courtesy of Crosby Doe. 

'Frank Lloyd Wright: The Houses', Amazon

'Frank Lloyd Wright: The Houses', Amazon

For more design inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright, this book is the best place to start. All 289 extant houses are shown here alongside a selection of floor plans and archival images, as well as essays by leading Wright scholars.

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