Earth Day: 10 best buys that our Editors love

In honor of Earth Day, these are the most sustainable, eco-friendly products our Editors can't get enough of

Earth Day Editors Picks
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Earth Day is officially here, and for the LivingEtc Editors, we are more excited than ever. With the pandemic confining most of us to our homes, we've spent the last year analyzing the products we've previously used, and in turn, have made strides to lead a greener, more sustainable lifestyle, and the result? 

So many eco-friendly products — which of course, are perfect for Earth Day! 

From reusable beeswax wrap to the best-smelling laundry detergent on the market, these are the eco-friendly items our editors can't get enough of for Earth Day – and every day after. 

Pip McCormac, Editor-in-Chief

Earth Day beeswax wrap

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BEEHIVE Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps

BEEHIVE Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps for $18.99, at Amazon

"I was feeling guilty about how much saran wrap I was using, and this reusable version does the job and means far less waste!" 

Lotte Brouwer, Digital Editor

Earth Day laundry detergent

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KINN Eco-Friendly Neroli Delicate Laundry Wash

KINN Eco-Friendly Neroli Delicate Laundry Wash for $9.03, at Amazon

For Lotte, the KINN Laundry detergent is a complete game-changer. "The Neroli smell is like crack. Sooooo good!" she explains. Further adding, "Sometimes, I just stand and sniff it, inhaling it. Feels like such an indulgent thing to buy, but using it puts me in a good mood every single time." Well worth the $9 — don't you agree? 

Lindsey Davis, Editor-in-chief of Homes

Earth Day Lindsey Davis Picks

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Chilly's Leak-Free Reusable Bottle

Chilly's Leak-Free Reusable Bottle for $28, at Amazon

Mine is my ever-growing collection of Chilly's water bottles and coffee cups. I will only drink really cold water so the fact they can keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours is great. They also keep tea and coffee hot for up to 12 hours – just what you need for long journeys – so they stop me from buying drinks in disposable packaging when I'm on the go. I have 500ml for everyday use, then two big 750ml ones for hiking, and two tumblers for coffee and smoothies. I have my eye on the food pots next!

Annie Collyer, UK Shopping Editor

Earth Day John Lewis Candle

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SKANDINAVISK Sense Scented Candle Gift Set

SKANDINAVISK Sense Scented Candle Gift Set for £49.00, at John Lewis

For Annie, she is all about the best candles

I have this trio in my bathroom and not only do they smell good and burn well, but they look the part, too. Skandinavisk candles are all eco-friendly since their glass vessel is made from recyclable materials and the wooden lid is FSC-certified. Not just that, but they're made of Swedish rapeseed wax for an even burn. This gift set makes the perfect opportunity to try a few scents for yourself, before investing in larger jars. Or, it would obviously make a lovely gift...

Earth Day Sodastream pick

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Spirit Sparkling SodaStream

Spirit Sparkling SodaStream l Was £132.96, Now starting at £49.99, at SodaStream

Owning a SodaStream in my kitchen has made us cut down on our single-use plastic waste massively, not to mention that it looks good on our worktop, and they come in a range of colours. For Earth Day, they have slashed the price of this machine by £50, while there's a brand new limited edition pastel green colour to choose from.

Brittany Romano, U.S. Shopping Editor

Earth Day Allbirds sneakers

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Women's Tree Dasher Sneakers

Women's Tree Dasher Sneakers for $125, at Allbirds

Allbirds has always reigned supreme in my book when it comes to sustainable fashion — and more importantly, they've always put their money right where their mouth is. In 2020, the brand debuted its own carbon footprint, and this year, they've opened the conversation to all brands — via their petition; which is why their Tree Dasher sneaker — made from all renewable materials — is one of my favorites to wear when I'm working on on the best exercise bike: I look good, and I'm doing good when wearing. 

Earth Day DL1961 Brittany Romano

(Image credit: DL1961)
Gwen Jogger

Gwen Jogger for $189, at DL1961

Notably, DL1961 is one of my favorite loungewear brands, as the brand's inception surrounded solely around sustainability, which is why when I'm not laying on my sofa in their (or my) signature Hepburn jeans, I am living in the Gwen Joggers. They're cozy, comfortable, and oh-so-chic. 

Millie Fender, E-Commerce Editor

Earth Day Editor's Picks

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Amazon Basics Silicone, Non-Stick

Amazon Basics Silicone, Non-Stick for $14.70, at Amazon

This is probably a bit niche, but I'd have to say my reusable baking sheets, I've not bought the grease-proof paper in about five years, which is fab because it can't be recycled when it's had food on. The reusable sheets line your baking trays and then can go in the dishwasher after. They also make the trays last so much longer because there's not as much wear and tear. Also, they're non-stick, great for cookies!

Amy Lockwood, E-Commerce Editor

Earth Day Tartan Blanket

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Recycled Wool Blanket in Mustard Herringbone

Recycled Wool Blanket in Mustard Herringbone for £60.00, at The Tartan Blanket Co.

"I love The Tartan Blanket Co.'s recycled wool blankets. They come in a huge range of colours and are super soft and cozy for using as a throw on a sofa or bed - and also perfect as a picnic blanket now the sun's out! They blend 70% recycled wool with 30% mixed fibres that have been saved from landfills and have a really transparent sustainability policy stating where their materials are sourced, how their products are made, and who by."

Jaclyn Turner, E-commerce Editor

Earth Day Sijo sheets

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Eucalyptus Sheet Set

Eucalyptus Sheet Set starting at $145, at SIJO Home

These eucalyptus sheets from Sijo are my latest obsession. Not only do they sleep unbelievably cool and are one of the softest sheets I've ever slept on, but I've also struggled for years with my hair getting tangled at night and now, I wake up knot-free, thanks to its smooth, static-free surface. 

Brittany Romano

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