‘It’s perfectly positioned!’ Cardi B’s bathtub has a dreamy view, and designers say it's set to be a trend for 2024

The singer’s bathtub is perfectly positioned for amazing vistas, and experts predict its unique shape will be the next trend

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A freestanding bath is considered a luxury for many of us. Add an amazing view and you’re talking ultimate spa-like levels of relaxation. Of course, we can trust some of the biggest celebrities to make that dream a reality. 

We spotted this exact setting on Cardi B’s Instagram story the other day. We were
completely taken with the singer's uniquely shaped bath, strategically placed in front of a bay window and overlooking a gorgeous sunset. Sheer curtains also cover the side windows for added privacy but don’t obstruct the showstopping view. It’s the ultimate setting for a glass of bubbly in a bubble bath at sunset for complete and utter home spa bliss. 

I spoke to an interior designer who told me that not only is the freestanding bath in Cardi B's modern bathroom perfectly positioned, but it has a unique shape that's set to be the next big interior design trend in 2024. Here's why. 

Positioning a bath for ultimate relaxation 

picture of freestanding bathtub by windows in cardi b's home

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If you’re going to invest in a freestanding bath, you’ll need to think about positioning very carefully. It’s a beautiful item that stands out, so it needs to be highlighted and used as a feature in your bathroom to fully fulfill its design and function potential. 

Karolina Tornqvist, Founder and Director of Studio Tornqvist, is all for placing your freestanding bath in front of your window to create a real wow moment. This can be in a bathroom or, if you’re going for that ultimate luxe feel, a master bedroom

‘Definitely position by the window,' says Karolina. 'You just need to make sure to accommodate for privacy, whether that’s sheer curtains or some kind of blind.' Of course, Cardi’s bathtub ticks both boxes. ‘I think the beauty is that it’s a place where you can relax and unwind, look out the window with a glass of wine or cup of tea... if you want to make even more of a statement add a beautiful fireplace in there as well,’ adds the designer. 

If you don’t have a window and need to place your freestanding bathtub by a wall, Karolina advises leaving some space. ‘If it’s too close to the wall it can make cleaning and dusting behind difficult,’ she says, adding that she would always recommend having a separate shower, too, to avoid your whole bathroom being covered in water. 

Curved bath shapes are also on-trend  

Not only is Cardi's bathtub perfectly positioned but it has a unique sinuous shape too, a key interior design trend for 2024. Its curved lines and rounded edges are inviting and make it perfect for soaking and taking in the view.

‘A freestanding bath is more of a statement thing,’ Karolina says. ‘I think the cool thing is that there are loads of interesting shapes and materials that you can go for as well.' Cardi B has used the statement-making design to great effect with overemphasized curves that give her bath a contemporary look. 

Of course, there's also practicality to bear in mind, too. 'When it comes to design and material, it's important to be led by what you would like to see daily as your statement feature,’ notes Karolina. We can all agree that Cardi's bath is something we'd all love to live with in our dream home, but remember to bear your existing space and bathroom proportions in mind before you take the leap!

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