These Stylish Jewelry Boxes Perfectly Blend Aesthetics and Practicality — And Some are Under $50

Your diamonds deserve a jewelry box worthy of their shine. Don't settle for ordinary — try one of these 12 picks, sourced by Style Editor Brigid Kennedy

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I know all too well how disappointing it can be when form doesn't live up to function. How frustrating it is when an incredibly effective product looks ... well, ugly, as is so often the case. And I get it — if something is functional as it is, why jack up the price to make it pretty? But this is a contemporary design magazine, and I'm in the business of aesthetics; 95% of the time, I only want to showcase something practical and beautiful.

Which brings me here — to the best jewelry organizers. Plenty of jewelry organizers and boxes leave something to be desired in the design department, but today, we'll be discussing stylish jewelry boxes instead. The ones that expertly combine form and function for a storage solution that looks as good as the necklaces nestled inside.

'To me, a jewelry box is not only function, it's history, says Jane Winchester Paradis, owner of Jane Win Jewelry. 'As a kid I would comb through my mother's jewelry box and she would tell me about special pieces. There was a tiny gift note that came from my grandmother and a pair of earrings she bought while traveling around the world (the grand tour!). It's a place of discovery, all your treasures.'

Using my honed shopping skills and eye for design, I've tracked down 12 fabulously fashionable jewelry boxes for the aesthete, all of which are available online at the best home decor brands. If you can't stomach storing your prized diamonds in a vessel unworthy of their sparkle, this edit is for you.

12 of the most stylish jewelry boxes

How can I be sure my jewelry box is stylish?

Of course, you can also follow our Livingetc recommendations to ensure your jewelry box is as stylish as possible. But the experts have their takes, too.

'I think the exterior and interior materials need to be the best fine leather and suede,' Jane tells me. 'I feel like the leather wears better that velvet. My jewelry box has my initial embossed on the top in gold and a gold key with a tiny yellow tassel. The materials and details elevate the box and make the experience of opening seem special.'

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