Kitchen TV ideas for 2022 - how to incorporate a television stylishly into your space

Designer approved kitchen TV ideas help you display your kitchen television without it ruining your space, with expert advice on installation

Kitchen TV ideas Samsung The Frame TV set in a kitchen area
Samsung's Frame TV
(Image credit: Samsung The Frame TV)

With our pick of top kitchen TV ideas for 2022, it's easy to catch up on shows, access recipes and stream 'Lives' on Instagram on the big screen while you're busy cooking meals. Whether it's a big TV on the wall of your open-plan kitchen and dining area, or a smaller Amazon Echo Show nestled on your worktop, it's easy to get your screen fix in the kitchen. 

If you've bought into one of the best TV brands, you'll want to display it chicly, and where you can see it most. But there are practicalities to consider in the way of wiring, size and ergonomics. This may get you thinking about positioning and type of TV size you choose, so before you click to buy one of the best 40 inch TVs it's important to check the technical details. 

We've covered ways to hide your TV here at Livingetc, but for displaying your kitchen TV things get a little more technical. If you're planning on housing a TV near the kitchen worktop it needs to be far enough away from all the water and food ingredients flying around the surface when you get chef-creative, for example. That's why we asked the experts for advice on what to think about when you install a kitchen TV. We've also sourced our favorite kitchen TV set ups for inspiration. And once you're all set, you can continue as we do and lust over all the beautiful homes on Selling Sunset while you're preparing meals or Friday night cocktails. 

Top kitchen TV ideas for 2022 

1. Hide the TV behind pocket doors 

Kitchen TV ideas with white pocket doors

(Image credit: Mowlem & Co)

Planning a new kitchen from scratch gives you lots of scope to conveniently hide and reveal your kitchen TV as you see fit. In this kitchen designed by Mowlem & Co, for example, the kitchen is a working space and offers carefully arranged zones, hi-tech appliances and ample storage. 

There are hidden study areas, a hidden TV, cloakroom and pantry all tucked away behind sleek handle-less finishes and pocket doors. An elevated approach to modern kitchen ideas. Created from stained-oak veneers and white lacquer, these slide back and away when not needed.

Kitchen TV ideas with TV hidden behind white sliding doors

In this kitchen by Mowlem & Co a TV is hidden behind the pocket doors

(Image credit: Mowlem & Co)

2. Consider TV positioning 

kitchen tv ideas built into wood kitchen cabinets

(Image credit: Luxurite)

If you have an open-plan kitchen and the space to play around with the TV location, make sure you have a good view of your TV from the kitchen area. James Ratcliffe, technology expert at, shares his top tips on what to consider:  

'Think about your TV position carefully and how viewable the TV is when you’re preparing food,' says James Ratcliffe, technology expert at 'If you want to be able to watch TV when you’re cooking or access recipes to follow on YouTube, you’ll need to have a good line of sight from your worksurface prep area to the TV screen.'

James also suggests that the it's important to consider the logistics. 'A TV popping up out of a counter can look great and work well, but it can pose its problems such as food and drink spilling into the gaps,' he says, making it a good job we know how to clean a TV screen. 'To combat this you could put the TV in a location that’s far away from your food prep surface.'

And when it comes to kitchens, consider how you will hide cabling when wall mounting a TV. 'You’ll either need an electrician to channel the wall out, or you might be able to use one of the new ‘picture frame’ TVs that have super thin fibre-optic cables, which are barely visible,' James says.

3. Mount your TV on the countertop 

Modern kitchen showing a TV in a panel in the centre of the kitchen overlooking a seating area on one side and a kitchen workspace on the other

Future Automation 

(Image credit: Future Automation)

Forget how to mount your TV to a wall, why not hide it in the countertop? With expert help you can install your TV on the worktop so that it swivels around to accommodate you when you're standing in either the kitchen area or in the dining area opposite. This is illustrated in the image above, where a Future Automation LSM-S TV Lift and Swivel 32" - 65" mechanism has been used. 

'As long as you have enough room to accommodate the mechanism in the workspace, it’s a relatively straightforward job but you will need an expert to pull it together,' says James Ratcliffe. 'Other than that, the main thing is to just be aware of any food and drink that might fall between the gaps in the worksurface - so choose a position away from main food prep.'

4. Choose a TV that complements your interior

Samsung The Frame TV with Vision Blue Bezel

(Image credit: Samsung The Frame TV with Vision Blue Bezel)

You may have already come across Samsung’s QLED 4K HDR The Frame TV, which turns your TV into a work of art by displaying photos and artworks when it’s in standby mode. The TV comes in a choice of seven sizes from 32 inches up to a stunning 85 inches, so you can go as discreet or large as you like to suit the kitchen area.

Samsung's latest addition to The Frame also gives you a choice of over 40 bezel color options that you can match to your interior scheme. Pictured above, for example, you can see the Rich Ocra finish of The Frame TV's bezel subtly matches the colourway of the kitchen units. Wooden kitchen cabinet ideas have never looked so refined. You can see this adds harmony and balance to this sober and sophisticated kitchen palette. We also think the Vision Blue bezel works particularly well in the open-plan kitchen and dining area, shown below, as it echos the fresh blue of the dining chairs. 

Samsung The Frame TV

(Image credit: Samsung The Frame TV)

5. Opt for an iPad or Amazon Echo Show screen

Amazon Echo Show 15

(Image credit: Amazon Echo Show 15)

If you have a particularly small kitchen you may want to use a tablet or smart speaker in your kitchen instead of a full TV screen - the opposite of what we'd suggest for living room TV ideas.

'Lots of people tend to use Apple iPads when cooking as they can be conveniently positioned on the worksurface,' says James Ratcliffe. 'You can also link your Airpods to them so you can get away with watching your favorite content without disturbing those around you. An Alexa Echo Show can work well too as it conveniently sits on the worktop or can be wall mounted. You can use it to access apps such as Netflix as well as recipes, timers and daily news info.'  

Amazon sells a range of excellent Echo Show smart speakers that feature a screen and work well in the kitchen. You can use Alexa for control when you have your hands full prepping meals and you can ask Alexa to instantly display recipes or content from your favorite apps such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. The Echo Show 15, pictured above, is a particularly good option as it can be conveniently mounted on the wall. You can also opt for the Echo Show 10  that has a screen that follows you as you walk around the kitchen so you always have a great view.

What should I consider when installing a kitchen TV?

‘One of the key considerations for installing a TV in the kitchen is to think about the layout of the room,’ says Matt Renaut, of Euronics agent Dacombes of Wimborne. ‘For instance, you do not want the TV to be affected by steam coming from the hob or near the water supply. You also want to maximize the size of the TV so you can see it wherever you are in the kitchen while still keeping it away from the cooking area.

‘It is not just whether you can view the TV either as it’s important to hear it too. Think about how would you like the sound to travel around the room? Having speakers installed in the ceiling or in the cabinets can offer a great audio experience, for example, and help you when you’re watching TV, listening to the radio or running a recipe from a tablet.’

Grid Thirteen kitchen

(Image credit: This stunning kitchen with integrated TV has been designed byGrid Thirteen)

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