IKEA laundry room hacks - 10 ways to add stylish allure to the daily chores

These IKEA laundry room hacks will make you look forward to doing the washing (honestly)...

Ikea laundry room hacks with Semihandmade cabinets in Farrow & Ball De Nimes
(Image credit: Semihandmade/Mary Lauren Gunn)

IKEA laundry room hacks allow you to create the look, feel and quality of a fully bespoke, crafted space - at a fraction of the cost.

Just as you can create a customized look with all manner of IKEA hacks, you can often use the same base cabinets and units to create sleek and stylish laundry rooms, too.

Whether you're looking for simple makeovers with companies that specialize in door fronts and finishes for IKEA products, like Semihandmade and Custom Fronts, or are looking for a weekend DIY project to get your teeth into, we've rounded up the best IKEA laundry room hacks from interior designers and Insta influencers below.

From modern traditional to sleek, contemporary looks, there's a makeover to suit all tastes. Not only will a stylish space make doing the laundry that much more pleasant, it will also make it easier with clever storage solutions, too. Add some allure to the chores with these glamorous glow-ups...

IKEA laundry room hacks

1. Use IKEA kitchen drawers to create a sleek and functional laundry room

Ikea laundry room hacks white room grey cabinets

(Image credit: @faggemala1912)

Many IKEA laundry room hacks are actually achieved by using IKEA kitchen cabinets, which lend themselves perfectly to stylish glow-ups so you can create a luxe look for less.

'We bought IKEA Metod kitchen drawers and built up around the washing machine to be able to work in a more natural height for loading,' explains Lisa @faggemala1912.

'We also used the Ekbacken IKEA kitchen countertop  above the machines and on the side by the sink. 

'The door fronts are the IKEA Veddinge in Grey, while the handles are also from IKEA named Eneryda.'

A ceiling drying rack and wicker baskets add character as well as storage solutions ideal for small laundry room ideas.

2. Add sunshine yellow cabinets for a happy-place IKEA laundry room hack

Ikea laundry room hack yellow cabinets by Semihandmade

(Image credit: Semihandmade/Ryan McDonald)

Just because doing the laundry is a daily chore doesn't mean it has to be joyless. If you create a bright, beautiful space in which to carry out the washing it becomes that little bit more bearable.

This stunning laundry room by ReDesign Home is proof a bold color can really work in the small space, with the IKEA Sektion cabinets being given a brand new lease of life with Semihandmade DIY Shaker door fronts, which come unfinished so you can add any shade you like - you might want to brush up on how to paint kitchen cabinets first.

We love how the patterned wallpaper adds further visual interest and the storage baskets make the most of the bijou space.

3. Plump for a moody blue hue for a sleek, chic laundry room

IKEA laundry room hacks Sektion cabinets

(Image credit: @thisrealhouselife)

Be bold and choose deep blue for a contemporary laundry room that looks modern without spending a fortune.

Jackie @thisrealhouselife used IKEA Axstad doors in matte blue, dressed up with brass knobs and cup drawer pulls from Amazon.

She describes how storage as well as style was first and foremost in her design plan, saying: 'Before this makeover, we had zero storage and an awful rickety laundry sink in our laundry room. So I used IKEA Sektion kitchen cabinets withh Axstad doors to create some much needed storage. 

'The sink cabinet provided me with a wide sturdy sink while also hiding my mop bucket and a small trash can. 

'The drawers hold small tools and all my cleaning rags. And the upper cabinets store all my cleaning supplies and paper towels. It’s been the perfect storage solution to my laundry room.'

4. Create a modern traditional IKEA laundry room hack with Shaker cupboards and brass accents

Ikea laundry room hacks with Semihandmade cabinets in Farrow & Ball De Nimes

(Image credit: Semihandmade/Mary Lauren Gunn)

This inviting, stylish laundry room in the home of lifestyle blogger Mary Lauren Gunn perfectly blends the modern and traditional, as well as function and form.

Mary explains that storage was key, while also creating a chic place to carry out those essential day-to-day tasks. She used IKEA Sektion base cabinets and hacked them with bespoke walnut countertops and DIY Shaker door fronts from Semihandmade, finished in 'fun but classy' De Nimes by Farrow & Ball.

'When we designed this space, we placed the washer and dryer, and farmhouse sink, and allocated the rest for storage,' says Mary. 'We now have a designated place for everything: the vacuum, brooms, cleaning supplies, extra toilet paper, paper towels, and more.'

'We had our carpenter Wayne build these beautiful walnut countertops,' she continues. 'We also had him install a hanging bar across the washing machine for hang-drying. 

'I now have lots of space to hang clothes, wash delicates in the sink, and fold/organize on the countertops.'

She adds: 'I wanted to keep the room pretty traditional with some modern updates.

'I absolutely love the hex tile floor that’s a nod to the early 1900s. A Victorian bridge faucet, beadboard backing, as well as a simple cove crown moulding keep it feeling very traditional, while brass handles keep it fresh.'


5. Get 'bespoke' storage with IKEA shelving

Ikea shelving hacks laundry room

(Image credit: @lifeasmrsbuilder)

When it comes to laundry room storage ideas, shelving is a key element. It serves as a perfect spot for decanted laundry products to hand, as well as pretty features like pots and vases.

The IKEA Tornviken shelf also comes with a super-handy integrated rail to hang essentials like peg bags.

Trina @lifeasmrsbuilder says: 'I really liked the idea of wall shelves in the utility to declutter the counter but to also pull the room together. 

'I had considered getting them made but it would be pricey. When I came across the Tornviken wall shelves in IKEA I just fell in love.... They were €40 and the same color as my cabinets! A no-brainer.

'They came with steel rails so I sprayed them gold to match the brass handles in the room.' 

6. Go green for calming yet chic laundry room

Ikea laundry room hacks Farrow & Ball Pigeon cabinets by Semihandmade and Sunday House

(Image credit: Semihandmade/Sunday House)

Designer Noelle Harvey of Sunday House wanted to create a basement laundry room 'with a custom look and a not-so-custom budget'. And she did just that by upgrading an IKEA Sektion base with Semihandmade cabinet fronts.

She said: 'All in, our cabinets were literally a fraction of the bid we received for custom cabinets. The custom quote was about $5,000 so we ended up saving around $4,000. We now suggest this route to all our clients who are in between.'

Other clever cost-saving ideas included the easy-to-clean backsplash, created by grouping $1.39 tiles from the local Lowe’s, bringing the total for the backsplash to only $500. 

Another of Noelle's top tips for cutting costs is to check out the remnants section at local slab yards for countertops in small spaces like laundry rooms - these can make a great addition to IKEA small home hacks.

With clever budget ideas in some areas, you can then splurge on higher-end fittings; the DIY Shaker fronts are finished in Farrow & Ball's Pigeon, and there's wall sconces and brass knobs from Schoolhouse Electric.

7. Transform the IKEA Ivar cabinets into a modern laundry room

Ikea laundry room hacks blue cabinets by Mrs Macs Home

(Image credit: @mrs_macs_home)

IKEA Ivar hacks are one of the most popular DIY endeavors, thanks to the cabinet's basic form, which is an ideal foundation for a good glow-up.

IKEA hack queen Ruth @mrs_macs_home utilized the Ivar to create an ultra-stylish laundry room, which is small but perfectly formed.

She says: 'The main thing I wanted to tackle was the storage as there was so little.
Because it’s a really small room, the best way to create more storage was adding these IKEA Ivar pine units to use as wall cupboards.

'I wanted to maximize the storage space and, as we were left with a small gap between the two cupboards, I added some floating shelves and baskets and also a shelf underneath.'

And those contemporary metro tiles? Peel and stick versions. Yep, really.

8. Choose two-tone cabinets for a cool, contemporary look

Ikea laundry room hacks two tone cabinets by Semihandmade

(Image credit: Semihandmade/Max Maloney)

Want to create a light, bright laundry room that's functional while also design-driven?  An IKEA laundry room hack will allow you to create a bespoke space on a budget.

This space was created by Gina Rachelle Design to be welcoming yet ultra-practical. Gina says: 'When the clients came to me for help, they already knew they wanted to use Semihandmade fronts and IKEA Sektion bases.'

The cabinet fronts used were Semihandmade’s Quarterline collection, a collaboration with designer IKEA hacks maven and top interiors guru Sarah Sherman Samuel.

Semihandmade says: 'Using a two-tone approach to storage allowed the clients to bring playful color and dimension into the otherwise minimalist scheme. 

'In addition, the classic white tile backsplash adds texture and breaks up the space between the Desert Grey Quarterline lowers and White uppers.'

9. Channel a Scandi rustic feel with oak cabinet fronts

Ikea laundry room hacks oak cabinets by Custom Fronts

(Image credit: IKEA/Custom Fronts)

Love the timber Scandi aesthetic? Custom Fronts is a great go-to for the look, with door fronts ranging from Nordic Birch Ply to European Oak.

The project above pairs the European Oak with an IKEA Metod base, creating a functional space that's also given design elements with geometric tiles, rattan wall light, and statement countertop.

Placing the washing machine and tumble dryer on top of each other is also a great small laundry room idea, too. Pretty and practical.

10. Fashion a mid-century modern laundry room with

Ikea laundry room hacks wood cabinets by Semihandmade

(Image credit: Semihandmade/Joyelle West)

Taryn Bone, of Bone Collective Studio, took on the task of transforming a dark basement into an inviting laundry room - and utilized an IKEA hack to complete it on budget.

The studio paired IKEA Sektion cabinets with Semihandmade Tahoe wood door fronts and botanical wallpaper for a mid-century modern vibe.

Semihandmade says: 'The warmth of the vibrant wallpaper and the cabinets with Semihandmade Tahoe Impression fronts contrast against the bright blue floors to create a welcoming space - even if there is no natural light.'

One might go so far as to suggest it could make you look forward to folding the washing.

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