Laundry room storage ideas – 11 top tips for a perfectly curated space

From baskets to bespoke built-ins, these laundry room storage ideas will make light work of those everyday tasks...

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Fed up of your utility space looking messy? Laundry room storage ideas are the best way to a stress-free and clutter-clear experience every day.

Piles of washing and products strewn around the space are sure to create unnecessary angst. A well-curated and organized space is sure to lower stress levels while also creating chic surroundings for a more pleasant and tranquil workstation.

'There is very little that we find as satisfying as a room that is beautifully organized and tidy,' says Claire Wilks, Senior Buyer at Garden Trading. 'A clutter-free, well-functioning laundry space is an area that can be a perfectionist's dream as there are so many little bits and pieces that need to be accessible whilst also neatly put away.  For us, sufficient, effective storage is probably the most important feature in a laundry or utility style room.'

Often a space that can quickly become cluttered, there are some simple ways to introduce order and organization to a laundry room with clever storage. From hanging rails to ceiling racks, see more expert tips on laundry room storage below. And you thought you weren't a domestic goddess...

10 laundry room storage ideas to quickly clear up your space

1. Fill cubby holes with baskets or containers

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All the necessities that a laundry room requires can make a space look untidy. Clean up your built-in shelving ideas with some stylish baskets to keep everything contained and more visually appealing.

Wayfair’s Resident Style Advisor, Nadia McCowan Hill, says: 'Adding neutral baskets to open shelving will provide a place to stow cleaning cloths and supplies, instilling a sense of calm and order into the room.'

2. Use open shelving for modern rustic appeal

laundry room storage ideas blue room with open shelving and patterned floor tiles by Little Greene

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There's something so inviting about a pile of freshly laundered linens (the crumpled freshness, that smell), and open shelving is a great way to store them as well as making a display of it.

If you prefer to hide your washing away, you can use open shelving to prettily store a multitude of other objects, like wire or wicker baskets containing tablets, soap or pegs, and other essentials, or boxes, glass bottles, and containers. They also make a great place to add a little styling with a pretty plant, or ceramic and glass vases and objet.

3. Add a hanging rail under a shelf to optimize space

laundry room storage ideas open shelving and hanging rail by Tiffany Leigh Design

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Open shelving is a stylish addition to any room but, in a laundry or utility room, you can make the space work harder by adding a hanging rail directly beneath the shelf.

This way, the space underneath can be used for airing clothes or storing freshly laundered linens.

Tiffany Leigh, of Tiffany Leigh Design, says: 'We love a mixture of closed and open storage in a laundry room. Baskets on a shelf with a hanging bar below are a great option to keep things from feeling too heavy. 

'Consider installing a small hanging bar to keep your counters clear. By forgoing upper laundry room cabinets here, you also keep things feeling open and airy.'

4. Install wall and under-the-sink cabinets

laundry room storage ideas upper and lower wall cabinets by Audrey Crisp Interiors

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Optimize upper wall space with laundry room cabinet ideas where possible to create as much hidden storage as you can.  Double up on this by installing under-sink cabinets to hide cloths, tablets, dustpan and brush, and any other essentials you'd like to keep hidden.

'We have cabinets above our washer and dryer and upper and lower cabinets on opposite wall (above) to maximize space for storage,' says interior designer Audrey Crisp.  'It has everything we need to do laundry.'

5. Use a combination of storage types for maximum effect

laundry room storage ideas combined storage with wall hooks by Garden Trading

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Whether it's laundry baskets for washing, mini cubby holes for your dustpan and brush, built-in cabinets, containers for your washing tablets, or wall hooks for pegs and brushes, a combination of different types of storage will serve you well.

Claire Wilks, Senior Buyer at Garden Trading, says: 'Space is often limited, so we recommend using a combination of fitted storage along with matching sets of laundry bags and wooden pegs for anything that needs hanging, and tidily arranged baskets to ensure your room is kept looking uniform while doing its main job.'

6. Hang a ceiling rack or laundry maid

laundry room storage ideas ceiling drying rack laundry maid by deVOL

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Get wet laundry out from under your feet by installing ceiling drying racks for clever storage. If your walls aren't too high you can choose a rail that sits reasonably flush to the ceiling.  If you're blessed with a bit more space, try using a laundry maid, like this nifty contraption by deVOL

Not only is it super-handy, the old-school pulley system is also attractive, and will add character to any laundry room.

7. Get organized with labeled containers

laundry room storage ideas grey cabinets and white tiles by Tiffany Leigh Design

(Image credit: Tiffany Leigh Design)

Having dedicated storage for specific types of products can really help you run a tight ship in the laundry room. A specific container for your washing tablets, for example, not only makes them easily accessible, but is also more attractive than a plastic box.

Tiffany Leigh says: 'Consider a small, decorative bin for your laundry soap, to keep this every day item easily within reach while minimizing the plastic clutter.' 

8. Become a complete basket case

Laundry room storage ideas jute baskets by Neptune

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When it comes to baskets in a laundry room you can never have enough. Our advice? Go bananas for baskets.

Whether they're inside built-in storage, on open shelving, in the corner, or on a worktop, baskets of all shapes and sizes will always be appreciated.

Use smaller sizes for little essentials like pegs or soaps, and larger options for storing washed laundry before it goes back to its owner. This way, your laundry room will always look neat and tidy, as well as stylish; a lovely jute or wicker basket adds texture, warmth, and character to any space.

9. Decant products into pretty glass bottles

laundry room storage ideas modular shelving and glass bottle containers by String Furniture

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Let's face it, most of our laundry essentials (fabric conditioner, tablets, pegs, detergent) all come in unsightly packaging. Make things easier to access as well as more stylish by moving your essentials into a collection of glass jars and storage bottles and storaging them above or next to the laundry room sink.

'Transferring laundry powders and pods into sleek glass storage jars will mean less bulky boxes and bottles to store,' says Wayfair’s Resident Style Advisor, Nadia McCowan Hill. She adds: 'Don't forget to ensure these are kept safely out of reach from little fingers on a high shelf.'

10. Make the most of your wall space with tall cupboards and shelving

laundry room storage ideas with blue cabinets, hanging rail and built in storage by Lifestyle Floors

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Bare walls are wasted space in a laundry room, so make the most of every inch with a tall cupboard or shelving unit, depending on your needs.

If you want to store an ironing board or mops in your laundry room, a floor-to-ceiling cabinet will come in very handy.

Equally, a tall shelving unit, whether it's standalone or built-in, will serve as excellent storage for everything from washed clothes to cleaning products.

When paired with useful baskets, a wall hanging rail, and under-sink laundry room cabinets, your storage solutions are suddenly looking rather pretty and very practical.

11. Install bespoke storage solutions

Rustic utility room with wooden cabinetry

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Customized cabinets and bespoke built-ins are certainly the most expensive kind of laundry room storage ideas, but are an investment you won't regret.

A bespoke solution ensures that every bit of spare space is utilized and thought out down to the minutest details. We love this slim drawer rack, which is the perfect spot for washing tablets and detergent, as well as kitchen rolls, cloths, or fabric conditioner. The perfect blend of form and function.

How do I organise my laundry room?

laundry room storage ideas blue cabinets with patterned floor tiles and hanging rail by Marie Flanigan Interiors

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'I love adding dedicated laundry baskets that make folding and putting away clean clothes a very easy task,' says Marie Flanigan, of Marie Flanigan Interiors

'If you have a side-by-side washer and dryer, place them under a countertop and use the counter as a folding station. Then, have the dedicated laundry baskets nearby so each item goes to the right place. 

'Further, if you have any open wall space, even a foot or two, incorporate a valet rod to use for hanging or drying clothes.'

How do I add storage to my laundry room?

laundry room storage ideas rolling carts in blue laundry room by Marie Flanigan

(Image credit: Marie Flanigan Interiors/Julie Soefer)

Get creative with your storage space, says Marie Flanigan. She comments: 'If you have unused space, think about what best serves that area. 

'Would a valet rod work best or would baskets add better function? Also, if you have space to include ready-made shelves or add a custom built-in that will always serve to increase your storage capacity.'

Tiffany Leigh adds a fun idea, saying: 'In our small laundry closet, we use a rolling cart from IKEA to house our laundry detergent, stain remover, etc. It's a simple and cost-effective solution in a small space!'

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