'It's the Color of the Moment' — How to Build Your Home's Color Scheme Around Rich, Earthy Maroon

The right colors that go with maroon can help lift this brownish-crimson tone, and build out a layered, sophisticated palette

A dining room with maroon seats and blue chairs
(Image credit: Space Factory)

Colors that go with maroon may be limited but the effect they create in interiors is tremendous. Maroon, a signature brownish-crimson tone has a grounded, serious appeal to it. It's not as stark as a bright red, nor is it as muted as a brown. Sitting perfectly in the middle, this color is packed with earthiness.

For those who want to add a bold tone to their interiors but are unsure of what color to go for should consider maroon. Take a look at these colors that go with red, and give your spaces a timeless look.

1. Yellow

A living room with maroon table and yellow chair

(Image credit: Heju)

When it comes to colors that go with yellow, a lovely, grounding tone is maroon. This combination, in fact, sparks a sense of creativity and excitement. The bright cheeriness of yellow contrasts against the depth of maroon, and you get a well-balanced interior.

'For the furniture, the client loved the 80s style so we thought these pieces would fit well,' says Hélène Pinaud, founder of Heju. 'During the design process, we wanted to add some colors in the arches but she was afraid she would get bored of it over time so we were a bit frustrated and proposed some bold colors for the furniture instead. We chose pop tones such as maroon and yellow for a modern look.'

2. Gray

A dining room with burgundy chairs and a gray sofa

(Image credit: Jasmin Reese Interiors)

A timeless neutral, gray is the easiest color to pair any other shade with. From the bold red to the soft pink, gray offers a lovely backdrop to make any color shine. Perhaps when looking for colors that go with light gray, consider the deep maroon, as the two tones can wonderfully offset each other.

'Maroon is a rich sultry color that can be paired with several hues,' says Jasmin Reese, founder of Jasmin Reese Interiors. 'This color paired with grays works best when the other materials are an eclectic mix like brass, wood, and fabrics. This can make the tones stand out.'

3. Blue

A dining room with maroon seats and blue chairs

(Image credit: Space Factory)

Maroon has plenty of company when it comes to colors go with blue. Pairing these tones together can create a versatile palette. With navy blue and maroon, you can design more grounded interiors. A more grand combo would be royal blue, and for a calm interior, consider light blue.

'In this specific project, we aimed to define spatial zones by strategically using strong colors,' say Ophélie Doria and Édouard Roullé-Mafféis, founders of Space Factory. 'With the separation between the bench and the vibrant blue kitchen by a large glass panel, our goal was to choose a complementary hue that would accentuate the kitchen's boldness and blend well with the natural warmth of the wood of the table and wooden panel. By selecting a color that complements blue while considering the wooden elements, we achieved a balanced and dynamic interaction between these two key areas.'

4. Pink

A dining room with light pink walls and maroon curtains

(Image credit: Atelier ND)

'I am a huge fan of pairing dusty pinks, corals, brick and cinnamon colors together,' says Nicole Dohmen, founder of Atelier ND. 'For the perfect combo, ensure they have the same warm undertones. In this project, I used the peach-colored vinyl wallpaper and combined it with the dark brick-colored linen curtains.'

Since a soft pink can act as a lovely neutral, consider layering in more colors that go with light pink. Think gray, cream, or beige.

5. Green

A mid-century style living room with red-toned wood bookshelves, brick fireplace, red Persian rug and green mid-century armchair

(Image credit: Clay Grier. Design by Ashby Collective)

Since many colors go with olive green or sage green, this tone becomes a lovely secondary tone to any space. Consider painting the joinery in maroon, so that the color blends into the architecture of the home instead of standing out or overbearing the scheme. To add a pop, consider an olive green accent chair or pillows.

'I love rich colors and no colors are richer to me than jewel tones,' says Charles Cohen, founder of Charles Cohen Designs. 'There is something luxurious, yet calming about the intense color depths of green and teals together with other tones.'

3 paint colors that go with maroon

Aditi Sharma Maheshwari

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