Bedroom mirror ideas – 12 ways to amplify light and space with this magic piece of decor

Try these bedroom mirror ideas for ways to hang and position your decor to reap the maximum rewards

A bedroom with a round mirror adjacent to the bed
(Image credit: Karen B. Wolf Interiors. Photo by Raquel Langworthy)

Whether decorative or practical, bedroom mirror ideas have a big role to play in your design.  They can radically boost the sense of space in a room, increase light, highlights views.. the list goes on. 

'Mirrors are interesting artforms, in the way they play with dimension, reflection, truth, and illusion,' says interior designer Martin Waller, founder of Andrew Martin. 'In terms of placement, think about what you want to reflect: through a mirror you can spotlight your favorite artwork placed in an unforeseen corner of the room. You can hang the mirror opposite a window to bring the outside in or place it by the door as a keyhole for what the next room has in store.' 

When it comes to deciding on bedroom wall decor ideas, a mirror is one of the top tools in your arsenal. But where in the room should you place it?

We've sought out advice from designers, alongside brilliant examples of bedroom set ups with mirrors to inspire you. 

12 bedroom mirror ideas to make your space look bigger

Keep in mind that as well as their practical uses, bedroom mirrors also double as decorative pieces. The size, style, color, shape, and placement are all of importance. 

Before simply placing a mirror in the room, think about what the space requires or is lacking in (perhaps light, views, functional areas like a dressing space, etc), and position it like the last missing piece that completes a puzzle. 

1. Break up patterns with a smart mirror design

A bedroom with a wall covered in wallpaper, and a console kept in front with a mirror above

(Image credit: A1000XBetter. Photo by Virtually Here Studios)

A beautiful, ornate, or a chic design-savvy mirror is just the thing to make a room sing. Use the piece to add a touch of glam to the room. A smart-looking piece can also be used to break a wallpaper or paint pattern in a master bedroom, to ensure the room doesn't look too closed in. 

In this image, the mirror is a sleek, clean design that doesn't dominate the walls yet adds a visual relief from the large nature-inspired wallpaper prints. The unusual design contributes to the room's modern flair and induces glimmer to the overall scheme.

'We love to use mirrors in a bedroom; they add visual interest and also play an important role in reflecting light,' says Kirsten Blazek, principal designer at A1000XBetter. 'There are so many beautiful vintage mirrors available so I always look for those first. Think of what era of style will work in your room and start the search from there.'

2. Choose a long, horizontal mirror to reflect the view

A bedroom with a long, rectangular mirror opposite the bed

(Image credit: Living with Lolo. Photo by Life Created)

A huge, long, and horizontal mirror will not only add an interesting new dimension to your interior but also boost the sense of space, and even views. Place it next to a window, and create an illusion of depth, as if the room extends further than the square footage. If you stay close to a garden or a lake, you can amplify their views with a large mirror reflecting the scenery outside at all times. 

'One of the most important decorative ideas for a gorgeous room is a mirror,' says interior designer, Jarret Yoshida. 'Most cities have apartments that are too dark or cramped so when my New York interior designer brain turns on as I enter my client's apartments, I immediately want to either reflect on the view or create an idea of space. Mirrors visually capture the ongoing drama outside or can double the sense of space.'

3. Or use it to reflect the best indoor views

A bedroom with a red painted wall and a tall standing mirror

(Image credit: Utkan Gunerkan)

Sure, it's a great idea to bring the outside inside with the help of mirrors but what happens if your indoors are more beautiful than the outdoors? Double down on the views of your luxurious bedroom with a tall, free-standing mirror placed opposite the best parts of your room. Plus, you can always reposition it to refresh the look and take it along with you when you move houses.

A full-length mirror in the bedroom is also a practical choice for checking your look and trying on clothes, but it can also amp up the room’s appeal. You could add string lights around the mirror to give it a whimsical touch.

4. Install a bedside mirror to increase light

A large bed with mirrors on either sides

(Image credit: Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop. Photo by Chad Mellon)

A well-lit space is essential for good bedroom Feng Shui. If you don't want to add more fixtures or lamps, a mirror placed next to the bed, adjacent to a window can do all the work. It will make the room feel sunnier and also add a great decorative feature to your bedroom decor.

'There are several benefits to having a mirror in the bedroom,' says Mary Patton, founder of Mary Patton Design. 'Placing a mirror in the bedroom can give the illusion of space. Also, a mirror with an intricate frame can improve the appeal of the room and makes it cozier. If the bed is perpendicular to a window, placing a mirror beside it can bring more light to the room. This will save you money on your energy bills because you do not have to use artificial lighting during the day.'

5. Swap an artwork for a mirror above the headboard 

A bedroom with a small mirror above the headboard

(Image credit: Lance Thomas. Photo Jen Burner)

Every bedroom can do with artwork for added color, design, and pattern. But in small or spare bedrooms, where space is at a minimum and so are budgets, a mirror can stand in as an artwork, and fill up the space above the headboard. For an extra design touch, you could install two or three mirrors and create a wonderful scape.

'When placing a mirror above the headboard, don’t choose a square design as it feels too angular and surgical,' says Lance Thomas, principal designer at Thomas Guy Interiors. 'Instead, opt for shapes with a bit of a curve for some visual interest in a bedroom space.'

6.  Use a mirror above a bedroom dresser

A bedroom with a bedside study area and a mirror

(Image credit: Living with Lolo. Photo by Life Created)

With work from home still going strong, having a small study inside the bedroom is no longer frowned upon. And if you have a tiny bedroom, then the inclusion of a mirror in the study space can make this area a multipurpose one, where you can work and get ready. Like a mini office bedroom dresser! Use the table for keeping the laptop during the day, and your makeup essentials in the evening. 

Choose interesting, organic, or unusual shapes to make this area fun and unique, and to subtly create a separate zone in the room. If you work in the creative field, a zany mirror can give rise to a workstation that is reflective of your job. Plus, it's always nice to have a mirror around check appearances just before a zoom call!

'We like round mirrors in bedrooms as most of the other furniture pieces tend to be square, so this is a nice way to add some curves and break things up visually,' says Lauren Lerner, principal designer at Living with Lolo.

7. In a window-less room, use a mirror to create the illusion of one

A bedroom with a mirror next to the bed

(Image credit: Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop. Photo by Chad Mellon)

If you live in a tiny apartment, chances are that your bedroom will have either a small window or none at all. In that case, having a mirror can make a world of difference. Choose a large, sizeable design and place it either opposite or next to the bed to maximize the luminosity of the room, and even create the illusion of a window. 

For a minimalist bedroom, go for frameless mirrors that look like they're a part of the room, and create a seamless effect. Alternatively, choose a mirror that’s designed to mimic the shape of a traditional window frame. This will help create an authentic effect. 

Interestingly, placing a mirror between two windows too can trick the eye into believing there is another window there. This trick can work if you want to give the room a feeling of more openness.

'A mirror should be placed opposite of or adjacent to a window to help reflect light in a small bedroom,' says Jessica Lagrange, principal designer at Jessica Lagrange Interiors. 'This provides the room with the illusion of more space and a brighter area. Mirrors can be placed above nightstands or above dressers regardless of room size.'

8. Bring in a vintage design to add an old-world appeal to your room

A large gilded mirror opposite the bed

(Image credit: Koket)

Use this decor piece to make a statement. Choose a gilded, ornate, vintage piece and create a grand and glam bedroom. The piece will turn the mirror into a decorative feature rather than a purely practical one, yet perform the same proportion-boosting service as a standard mirror.

Plus, the gold mirror frame will add a little glitter to your room and make it seem richer and more tasteful. If you love the look of gold, you could even consider adding gold leafing on your bedroom ceilings to match the effect. 

Place this mirror in an important place in the room so it is immediately seen as you enter the space. Above the bed or right opposite it would be ideal.

9. Consider thin, slim designs inside small bedrooms

A bedroom with a slim mirror placed next to the bed

(Image credit: Heju)

Add depth and brightness to a small modern bedroom with a thin and tall mirror. Smaller spaces often feel gloomy or cramped, but a simple floor-to-ceiling mirror can open up the visuals and refrain it from looking cramped. Place a lamp in front of it to increase the light in the room.

'A rectangular mirror will give you the most surface area to utilize for reflection purposes,' says Jessica. 'If you're aiming for the mirror to act as more of a décor piece, circular shapes are effective at disrupting the straight edges often found in the bedroom.' 

Interestingly, if bringing a new furniture piece is not possible for you, then you could even consider mirror tiles that have a soft, antique finish, providing a gentler, warmer feel than a single piece of super-shiny mirror.

10. Use mirror closets as a smart space-saving idea

A bedroom with mirror cabinets

(Image credit: Heju)

Mirrored closet doors are incredibly useful modern bedroom furniture items. They can make a space feel generous and are, of course, handy for checking how you look. In this bedroom, the mirrors have been used to great effect, helping the space feel as big and light as possible.

11. Create a cozy seating area in the bedroom with a mirror

A small vignette inside a bedroom

(Image credit: Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop)

Have enough space in your couple's bedroom for a small seating area? Create a wonderful, cozy space with a large chair, and an ottoman and to add that little 'something something', bring in a mirror, for the perfect living room-style vibe. 

By placing a mirror behind a sofa or a light, you are sneakily suggesting there is more space than meets the eye. The effect is subtle but very glamorous.

12. Add drama with a starburst design

A bedroom with a vintage starburst mirror

(Image credit: Jessica Lagrange Interiors. Photo by Werner Straube)

When it comes to choosing wall art for your boho bedroom, we'd say decorative mirrors with ornate frames or sculptural designs can look unique and make quite an impact. Case in point: starburst mirrors. Place these above a console or behind your bed, ideal for rooms lacking personality. This type of mirror is also a great tool for dictating the center of the room and creating a focal point.

What is a good size  of mirror for the bedroom?

A bedroom mirror is a versatile piece, that can be placed anywhere in the room to serve several purposes. Place it above the bed, the console, next to the window, or above a study. Whether the space is big or small, a maximalist or Scandinavian bedroom, the benefits of having a mirror outweigh everything. 

'If the client does not want a TV in the space, having a mirror over a dresser is always a good option,' says Lauren. 'If there isn't a place for a mirror in the actual bedroom, a mirror that hangs from a closet or bedroom door can be a good solution.'

When it comes to the ideal size of a mirror, a rounded wall mirror in a small size can be around 50 cm, while a large one can go up to 80-90 cm. A square mirror can be 50 x 80cm or 60 x 80cm. If you're looking for a full-length dress mirror, choose a 40 x 140cm design. 

Aditi Sharma Maheshwari

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