Is brass on the way out? These are the 4 bathroom hardware trends designers are taking forward into 2024

Bathroom hardware trends come and go, but these are the main four trends that will be making waves as we enter a new year

A bathroom with glimmering hardware
(Image credit: Unique Lapin. Design: Crina Arghirescu Architecture)

Picking hardware for your bathroom isn't exactly something you want to be doing every day. It's costly and time-consuming, but it can be quite a fun task if you see hardware for what it is - a decorative detail that can elevate your bathroom. 

A good place to start is with the bathroom faucet - using this as inspiration for the other smaller details - towel rings or handles. 'Taps are a focal point in any bathroom and the desire for bespoke design touches is increasing – consider taps the jewelry of the bathroom,' says Stefan Gesing, CEO of bathroom specialists, Dornbracht.

Ideally, you want your bathroom hardware to last, but at the same time it should follow wider trends - it's about finding that perfect balance. To make sure you get the best of both worlds, I've spoken to modern bathroom designers to find out the trends they think will have real staying power as we approach 2024. 

1. Using polished nickel

A bathroom with polished nickel hardware

(Image credit: Corinne Mathern)

Polished nickel is a material that is certainly having a moment in the spotlight. It has a plated finish and is applied to a base metal then polished for that gleaming look. It has undertones of warm yellow and gold instead of silver. 

As our bathrooms become less bright white and turn towards more warming neutrals, the color of our hardware is changing to match. Polished nickel certainly fits the bill. It is also characterized by its slightly dull look, instead of the sheen of chrome, and that brings a sort of antique feel to your faucet and hardware.

‘Polished nickel is our go-to finish now,' says California-based interior designer, Corinne Mathern, 'I just love a good reflective layer in a bathroom.' This example, by Corinne, is the perfect example of how this tone and material can work in a modern bathroom and it works against the stone basin and moody bathroom paint color.

2. Mixing your metals

A bathroom with mixed metals

(Image credit: Unique Lapin. Design: Crina Arghirescu Architecture)

The last decade of bathroom design has taught us using the same material for hardware throughout your bathroom is one surefire way to foster a calming bathroom environment. But more and more, we're noticing an interior design trend for mixed metals in the bathroom. It's a style that totally flips these rules on their head and creates a luxe, layered look.

'The rules of uniformity across hardware are changing,' says Stefan, CEO of bathroom specialists, Dornbracht. 'A tap that combines two finishes in one piece creates layers of visual texture and an eye-catching, contemporary design touch.'

Metals come in warm and cool tones, so when trying this approach in your own bathroom, consider how you balance color through paint and use your metals to achieve this same balance. Find the perfect harmony of warm brass, gold, and copper mixed with cooler nickel and chrome. 

For designer and blogger, Emily Henderson, the way to do it is to 'pepper' the room with different metals, spreading them evenly throughout the room so it looks intentional and thought out. 'If you have all silver pieces and then just one brass piece it will look accidental and not so good. Copper, rose gold, brass, gold and silver can all be friends,' she says.

3. A continued appreciation for unlacquered brass

A bathroom with unlacquered brass taps

(Image credit: Nicole Franzen, Styling: Rosy Fridman. Design: Homework)

Unlacquered brass and that wonderful patina it creates is nothing new, but neither is it going anywhere in 2024. It has a traditional look to it, with the weathered look giving a rustic effect. 

'We continue to see client interest in all things timeless and traditional, and that extends to bathroom hardware too,' says Stefan. 'Traditional fittings rule the day, and bathroom trends include brass taps with inset porcelain or enamel details, cross handles, and generous amounts of decorative flourish and understated ornament.'

What is new in the modern bathroom is how this unlacquered brass looks works with modern bathroom color schemes. Long gone are sterile bathroom designs and in their place are warming, cozy spaces with darker, sumptuous colors. The continued love affair with unlacquered brass pairs with this style perfectly.

Unlacquered brass is simply brass without a protective coating or lacquer. Brass that features a coating that protects it from the air, wear and tear and the elements keep it in a pristine condition. But when unlacquered, it purposefully tarnishes as it oxidizes over time, darkening and producing a beautiful natural patina. 

'We will continue to see unlacquered brass dominate cabinetry, as more homeowners come to love and appreciate the lived-in patina that can make any space feel warm and cozy,' says Ashley Macuga of Collected Interiors.

4. Go for a more decorative faucet

A tap with a glass base

(Image credit: Dornbracht AG & Co)

Think outside the box when it comes to your hardware and tap design. The ever-increasing trend for varied brassware colors and finishes is being enhanced by the desire for more individual elements. 

'Embellished handles with hammered metal, hand-crafted glass like the above ice glass handle on a Champagne finish by Dornbracht, or inlays made from seashells are creating a more tactile and sensory experience,' says Stefan. Even in a small bedroom, decorative hardware can pack a punch and create a focal point in the space.

While the decorative look is certainly having a moment, consider if it is the best option for your room. There is something luxurious about a minimalist bathroom without decorative hardware. 'I love a simple lever with no decorative qualities,' says Corinne. 'It allows us to layer additional textures and finishes in the bathroom without making it feel too designed.'

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