This interior designer's own kitchen has a unique backsplash I've never seen before – it's an evolution of the best tile trends

Mixing earth tone palettes, eccentric textures, and flea market treasures, Montana Labelle's home looks like a lived-in museum of curious objects

kitchen with high relief ceramic backsplash and plaster finished cupboards
(Image credit: Patrick Biller. Design: Montana Labelle)

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, I stumbled across this treasure trove of a home that really took me by surprise. It takes the eclectic style to a completely new level but in a totally modern way. Moody colors used in an elegant darker color scheme are mixed with plenty of textures and vintage finds, for an effect that looks as if you’ve stepped into a live-in museum of unique objects. 

Don’t let all the statement decorative and art pieces fool you though. This is a completely functional home that is as soothing as it is practical. Typical of this designer’s work, Venetian plaster in hues of beige and cream is used to give depth and dimension throughout this modern home alongside personalized flourishes tailored to the specific space. 

In this particular case, which is the designer’s own home, I specifically noticed this wonderful kitchen idea: a geometric high-relief ceramic tile backsplash which is a real stand-out piece, next to the custom cabinets finished with Venetian plaster. There is so much beautiful detail to dissect. Let’s get a closer look.

The stand-out, unique kitchen space  

kitchen with high relief backsplash tiles and venetial plaster finish cabinets

(Image credit: Patrick Biller. Design: Montana Labelle)

The kitchen in designer Montana Labelle’s own home has a calming, grounding quality to it, thanks in large part to the earthy colors and textured materials. The wooden beams against the green walls and ceiling have a natural appeal. But what strikes me the most is the unique backsplash made with high-relief ceramic tile and the finish of the kitchen cabinets underneath.

Woden dining table with large globe wood lights above

(Image credit: Patrick Biller. Design: Montana Labelle)

Montana talks me through her creative process. ‘We’ve recently been using Moroccan Zellige tiles in many of our projects for the kitchen backsplash and wanted to try something a bit more unique and completely one-of-a-kind. We commissioned a local ceramicist in Canada to hand-make each individual tile. Each piece is ceramic and hand-painted one by one. This added an artisanal quality to the room as all the other surfaces are a bit more streamlined,’ she tells me.

The cabinets underneath are a feature in themselves. Montana tells me they are all custom-made by Etherington Designs. ‘We had them made out of MDF and finished with Venetian plaster to match the doors and beams on the ceiling of the kitchen,’ she adds, and the final result looks so unique, it was definitely worth it.  

This home uses a mix of old and new to push the boundaries of design 

living room with wood panelled walls, red sofa, and white sculpture

(Image credit: Patrick Biller. Design: Montana Labelle)

I love how in every room the eye finds a new element of surprise, a new object to discover, a new tactile surface to explore. It’s a home that truly engages all the senses, and the designer achieved this by taking the opportunity her own space provided as a testing ground for new ideas.  

As fresh as these ideas are, it often all starts with vintage items. ‘With each project, we often begin with central vintage items, which can then be channeled to their essence to create immersive spaces around them. For this home, we played with new textures, colors, and materials to create a space that feels lived in, an eclectic style, but still modern,’ says Montana.

The interesting mix of materials achieves an eclectic look 

entry hallway with large black tiles, white plaster staircase and large white sculpture

(Image credit: Patrick Biller. Design: Montana Labelle)

While paying attention to the details of this home, you will notice the variety of materials used. If you're wondering how to bring texture to walls, plaster is a favorite for a beautiful final effect. Montana was not afraid to make good use of it. ‘Our love of plaster necessitated doing this wall treatment on as many surfaces as possible - from millwork to walls, ceilings, and doors.’

The plaster looks warm alongside the stone flooring. ‘For the first time, we also opted for a stone tile on the entirety of the main floor. We used a tumbled black limestone with two-inch thick grout which we absolutely love and has been incredibly durable for our lifestyle,’ tells me the designer. 

dark marble freestanding bath with checkered floor

(Image credit: Patrick Biller. Design: Montana Labelle)

The large checkerboard pattern marble carried through in the primary bath gives a stately but welcoming feel to the space due to its warm tones. 

This home is a beautiful example of the true personalization of a space. Standout design inspired by the 1970s is paired with Taiwan Lantern pendants, built-in bookcases painted in Benjamin Moore’s Fallen Timber, a geometric high-relief ceramic tile backsplash, and a shelf by local artist Catherine Carroll of Black Rock Tile Studio. Montana thoughtfully curated every element, from lighting and trims to the smallest vents for a cohesive ambiance and vision, which sums up her approach to design not just in her own space, but also for her clients. 

Interior designer Montana Labelle sitting on the armrest of an armchair chair in her living room

(Image credit: Patrick Biller. Design: Montana Labelle)

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