Inside a designer's quirky SoHo loft apartment that might be small in size but is huge on style

Take a tour of Jessie Schuster's gorgeous New York home where eclectic decor meets sophisticated style...

Open plan living room with brown sofas and animal print chairs
(Image credit: Douglas Friedman)

The property

Situated in a classic cast-iron building in the heart of New York's vibrant SoHo, this two-bedroom loft apartment is home to designer Jessie Schuster. Now, we always love getting an insight into designer's homes. We are so used to seeing how they bring to life other people's visions, but seeing how they choose to design and decorate their own homes it's like they are sharing a secret into what their true style looks like. 

For her own modern home, Jessie (founder of Jessica Schuster Design ) wanted to have more fun and be more creative than with a lot of the spaces she has worked on. This meant adding more color, choosing quirky, standout pieces and creating a space blended both whimsy and sophistication...


modern white kitchen in open plan living space

(Image credit: Douglas Friedman)

The kitchen, dining room and living space are all one open plan room. And yet while each area complements the other and they work together as a whole space, they have different feels to them and in a view feel like separate rooms, each performing a different function. 

The modern kitchen is minimalist and functional, this space was designed to entertain and the kitchen feels like a place for cooking and socializing. Keeping the kitchen, the most practical room in the home, simple allows for more fun and playful decor in the dining area and living room.

Living room 

Open plan living room with brown sofas and animal print chairs

(Image credit: Douglas Friedman)

The living room is configured around the glorious Bonetti coffee table, with large squashy sofas contrasting with the clean lines of the animal print armchairs. Despite all the different shapes and textures and styles going on here, the overall look feels really cohesive.

Living room with bookshelf and animal print chairs

(Image credit: Douglas Friedman)

And that was in fact the aim of the whole design. Jessie wanted this open plan area to feel organic, and while filled with standout pieces, the aim was that all the furniture would fit together to create a harmonious space.

Living room with cream chair and blue artwork

(Image credit: Douglas Friedman)

Dining room 

Modern dining room in small Soho flat

(Image credit: Douglas Friedman)

In the adjoining dining room the color pallet is more neutral but the space still equally sophisticated and so carefully curated. A bespoke stone dining table is softened by slubby canvas fabric chairs and the 40's vintage pendant light gives the touch of whimsy that can be found in each room.

Modern dining room in open plan living space

(Image credit: Douglas Friedman)


small hallway with console table and mirror

(Image credit: Douglas Friedman)

A small but stylish foyer-like area leads you from the main open plan living space, down a long hallway to the bedrooms and main bathroom. The impressive mirror was a 1st dibs find, and is positioned perfectly opposite the large windows to bounce even more light around the space. The console table is by Rose Uniacke.

Black and white hallways with large photo

(Image credit: Douglas Friedman)

Master bedroom

Small bedroom with green throw

(Image credit: Douglas Friedman)

The master bedroom is still filled with color, but the lichen-like green is more toned down than the more vivid colors found in the main living space. There's a very soft cocooning feel with all the curved furniture and tactile fabrics. 

There's that contrast between old and new here too, with the antique French commode and Ligne Roset chair and footstool. But as throughout the rest of the home you almost don't the clash of very ornate vintage finds with more contemporary designs. 

Guest bedroom 

Small bedroom with large antique mirror

(Image credit: Douglas Friedman)

The guest bedroom feels equally cozy, with a warmer pinkish color scheme. The large French mirror really helps expand the room's smaller proportions and adds just the right amount of antiquity found in the other rooms.


Black and white marble bathroom

(Image credit: Douglas Friedman)

In the bathroom, a statement black slate wall meets the white marble of a spacious walk in shower. The decor is kept minimal, but that quirky vibe found in the other rooms does creep in with the dainty artwork.  

Hebe Hatton

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