‘Feel more elegant' – 9 wooden home decor pieces to elevate the look of your space

Our shopping editor has found the chicest wooden decor pieces if you love smooth silhouettes and a modern feel

wooden vase, bowl and salt and pepper grinders
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Wooden decor is often lumped into two categories: traditional and somewhat dated, or rustic and untamed. But what if you prefer natural-looking home accessories with more sleek, modern silhouettes? While I love a rustic wooden piece (as well as the occasional antique or more traditional style), I’m determined to prove that wooden home accessories can also look chic and elegant – working hard to elevate the feel of your decor through smooth silhouettes and stylish, modern design.

And I’m not talking about painted wood pieces (although this can look rather chic and modern)! From deep ebony shades to the palest ash tones, this carefully curated edit celebrates the organic hues and patterns of wood in all its natural glory. So I went through the best home decor stores to find the wooden home accessories that feel both elegant and organic. In fact, I think they'll make you feel more elegant just by being around them.


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There are a number of different materials that pair beautifully with wooden pieces. Other organic materials like stoneware, jute and linen in neutral shades are an excellent choice when it comes to styling your wooden decor (a beige linen tablecloth under the candlesticks set above, for example). Rattan can also pair well with wooden accents – the woven design and natural colors make an excellent combination. As accent colors, gold and brass work particularly well paired with wooden decorative pieces.

When it comes to styling different wooden pieces together (e.g. wooden furniture or flooring and accessories) – while it’s a great idea to combine different shades of brown, try not to mix too-warm and too-cool tones together. For example: a gray-toned brown piece won’t pair as well with a warm chocolate as, say, a vibrant blonde or rich tan wooden accessory. 

Valeza Bakolli
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