Pottery Barn Nightstands — 'Sweet Dreams are Made of These!'

*cue the music* Who am I to disagree? Everyone's looking for the perfect bedside companion. After scouring the world, it's clear that Pottery Barn nightstands are where it's at

best Pottery Barn nightstands
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What's beside your bed? Hopefully, a stunning nightstand. A nightstand sets the tone for our sleep, holding our favorite before-bed essentials like books and a glass of water, and really, for our day, as it's likely the first thing we see upon waking. My top choice? A Pottery Barn nightstand, without a doubt.

They come in an array of beautiful, durable styles, and to my delight, some nightstands are even included in the current Pottery Barn sale. This type of furniture accent is what interior designer Alice Moszczynski calls ‘a high-touch piece,’ since ‘you're interacting with it daily.' With so much use, nightstands should not only be ‘durable and stylish enough to fit into your lifestyle,’ but also ground your bed with ‘balance and symmetry,' explains the designer.

With over 100 Pottery Barn nightstands to choose from, the only dilemma is that they're all good — almost too good, making the decision difficult. Whether you lean towards contemporary styles, prefer something a bit more classic, or simply aim to maximize your bedside storage, rest assured that you'll find the cream of the crop below. Good mornings and sweet dreams await.

Explore a wider selection of nightstands at Pottery Barn.

Best Pottery Barn Nightstands

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How should I style my Pottery Barn nightstand?

The beauty of a nightstand lies in its versatility — it can hold just about anything you desire, all within arm's reach. For me, it's a book, a bottle of melatonin, hand lotion, a couple of candles, some sort of beverage, and a trinket tray (I'm quite fond of rings) — but preferences vary!

Regardless of your bedside essentials, remember that balance is crucial. This applies not only to the items atop your nightstand but also to its placement. ‘Have one on either side of the bed,’ advises Alice, and ‘Make sure it is easily accessible from the bedside, even while you're lying down.’ Experiment with layering your chosen nightstand decor ‘and play around with different heights.’  If you’re ever unsure, you can always rely on ‘a table lamp with a fun shade or a stack of books,’ she suggests.

Your new nightstand pairs perfectly with this Pottery Barn bedding — talk about dreamy!

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