'The Best of the Best!' These Luxurious Gold Coffee Tables are Top Brass — and Beloved by a Shopping Editor

These gold coffee tables earned high marks from our professional shopper — from designer to budget buys

gold coffee tables on a colorful background
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Buying a gold coffee table isn't quite as straightforward as one might think (it's tempting to make an 'all that glitters' pun here, but for once, I will refrain). You must consider the undertones and vibe of your room — is this a space where silver metal or a wooden frame is better suited? You have to think about price — should you and can you afford to splurge on such a luxurious-looking piece? And you should probably consider your future — is this a table that will last room to room or home to home?

TLDR; gold coffee tables are surely some of the best coffee tables and most recognizable coffee tables you can buy, but you must first be sure it fits nicely in your room. 

'For modern luxury settings, a gold coffee table acts as the perfect finishing touch. Its sleek look and clean lines add just the right amount of sparkle, making your contemporary room look polished without trying too hard,' said Malak Bellajdel, interior designer and interior design expert at Pet Portraits.

Today, we'll take a look at some of the best and most exciting gold options on the market, all of which satisfy a larger coffee table trend/style and have been pulled from some of the best home decor brands around. Let's go for gold! (Sorry, you know I had to include at least one ...)

12 of the best gold coffee tables

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How do I know whether I should buy a gold coffee table?

If you're wondering how exactly you should decide whether a gold or gold-accented coffee table is right for you, Malak has some fabulous advice.

'Picking between gold/metal and other materials like acrylic or wood boils down to what your daily life looks like and what you’re going for with your space,' she tells me. 'If you’ve got a busy living room or just want something that stands the test of time without demanding too much fuss, metal (especially gold, brass, or copper) might be your alley. It brings that touch of class without being high maintenance.'

On the other hand, however, 'acrylic is cool for that glassy look without the fragility, perfect if you’ve got a lively household but still want style.' And for anyone that wants a 'warm, earthy feel that’s super adaptable style-wise,' wood should be your go-to.

Brigid Kennedy
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