What are the best alternatives to IKEA’s BESTA? 9 buys to replace this side cabinet for a stylish upgrade to your space

We all love this IKEA classic, but if you're looking to take your decor up a notch, here are the best buys to replace the BESTA sideboard

Living room with a white BESTA side cabinet
(Image credit: IKEA)
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We can always rely on IKEA for an iconic piece of furniture that has practicality at its heart. Many a flatpack has earnt itself a household name for its convenient sizing, easy assembly, and functional storage solutions but, unless you're committed to the Scandi-cool style, these IKEA staples do have a tendency to be a little on the plain side...

The BESTA is no exception. The face of this storage solution series is the classic sideboard with three slab doors. Somewhat of an IKEA celebrity, the understated cabinet offers ample space for storage as well as a roomy surface for displaying your decor, making it an ideal buffet table, TV stand, or entryway credenza. Versatile though it may be - and despite the many variations IKEA has to offer - it is a bit basic. Instead, you might want a similar style that's slightly more stylish so you can take your designs to the next level. 

Although customizing IKEA furniture is simple - and we're nothing if not fans of an IKEA hack - some of us just don't want to go out of our way to make our own bespoke furniture. We'd rather buy straight from source. But if you've already got a BESTA at home that fulfills a vital role in your design, what can you replace it with? Fortuntaely, there are lots of sideboards out there that retain the classic form, shape, and clean lines of the BESTA but with that little extra pizzazz to give it some personality. As Lotta Lundaas of Norse Interiors explains: 'customers crave more versatility and personalization than the designs IKEA offers, which many companies, like Norse, have identified as an opportunity.' 

Here, we take a look at nine of the best BESTA alternatives from your favorite homeware brands that will instantly elevate your look. 

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What to look for in alternative BESTA cabinets

Plain and simple is what IKEA does best, but what should you look for in a more elevated version of their BESTA? An upgrade could merely make use of a different material such as wood for a more expensive feel, or the addition of some legs and hardware for a more complete look. 

A more tailored example might involve decorative doors with ribbed, beaded, or chevron detail to add a bit of texture to your home. Really, the possibilities are endless, and a quick scour of the internet will unearth the myriad of options available. 

Before you go looking for your new BESTA-inspired furniture, don't write off the possibility of a BESTA IKEA hack completely. 'The BESTA series is a versatile collection of storage units that can be easily customized,' says Lotta Lundaas of Norse Interiors. 'The affordable price point also means customers can experiment with different levels of customization without breaking the bank, whether simply changing the doors or adding legs and knobs.'

If, however, you're set on something that really departs from IKEA's simple look, these ideas are a good place to start, stepping up your style without climbing up in costs. 

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