Best home security systems for 2024: the best alarms, cameras, and kits for greater peace of mind

The best home security systems and starter kits to keep your family and possessions safe, from Ring, Canary, Arlo and more

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The best home security systems are about more than positioning a single security camera on the porch or by the back door - and they're necessary if you're serious about protecting your home. Thankfully, modern technology in the form of the best home security systems has made it possible to have an entire suite of devices protecting your property for a reasonable price. You can now feel safer with sensors, cameras, and more besides monitoring the inside and outside of your home.

Not only does this ensure that you can detect anyone trying to enter without permission (or getting up to no good outside) before they get any further, but having these devices will also warn potential criminals not to attempt anything in the first place.

We’ve taken a look at some of the best home security systems available right now to see which ones are best for beginners, security experts, smart homes, and more, rating them on what’s included as well as their ability to expand into larger set-ups down the road.

Scroll down to see what we thought and once you’ve chosen, take a look at our rundown of the best wireless doorbells to help take your system to the next level.

The best home security systems in 2024

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1. Ring home security system

Our rating: 4.5/5

It's easy to see why Ring has gained a reputation as the best DIY home security system provider, coming top for the number of different devices on offer and gaining a lot of additional points from its array of Ring Video Doorbells that work alongside devices like motion sensors, glass break sensors, smoke alarm monitors, and a whole lot more.

In fact, the only thing missing is a branded smart lock and key tracker, and you can add affordable professional monitoring for around $10/month. If you don't want this extra cost, it's completely optional, and you can self-monitor using the Ring app. Set-up can also be done yourself, with clear instructions and various ways to install the components.

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Subscription costs: $0.00-$10/month

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2. ADT home security

Our top choice for those who don't mind having less control over their system, ADT is a well-known home security company that provides a number of products and services, including wireless alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, camera systems, and door and window alarms. They've been around for more than 100 years, too, so you can probably trust them to do the job.

The brand's systems also have advanced features such as voice commands (via both Alexa and Google Assistant) and home automation and are an incredibly popular option for those not super-interested in a DIY option. Unlike systems from Ring and others, ADT must be set up professionally, and monitoring subscriptions can be costly and long-term.

Subscription costs: $40-$60/month

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3. Vivint security

Vivint security is the only system on this list that - if you include security lighting from Philips Hue and Kwickset's smart lock - offers what we consider a full suite of products. With everything from the basics like motion detectors to more niche products like a panic button and water sensor, the smart home system also works with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

The downside is the cost of professional monitoring, which is required if you want to use the app, and can add up to about $50/month on top of your initial costs for the devices and installation. And, unfortunately, none of it is what might be considered 'affordable', even if what you get in return is a comprehensive and professional system.

Subscription costs: $39.99

4. Simplisafe security system

Simplisafe's system is a great option for those who want a simple-to-use (hence the name) selection of products that can be set up and used with or without the aid of professional monitoring. The system works with both Alexa and Google Assistant, and you'll be able to find devices for monitoring pretty much everything around the home. Unfortunately, the brand doesn't currently have its own solar power options.

Like other DIY options, the app lets you set your system to 'home', or 'away', with the latter arming your various devices. There's unlimited cloud storage with the self-monitoring plan and 'interactive plan', and you can also hook up third-party devices from Nest (thermostat) and August (smart lock).

Subscription costs: $0.00-$29.99/month