This $10 "Snug Plug" Gadget is a Simple Way to Fix Loose Outlets in Less Than a Minute

If you're tired of your devices falling out of your outlet this tiny gadget is the remedy you need

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How many times has the cord of your electrical device fallen out of your outlet while using it? Vacuuming, using the hair dryer, and kitchen appliances like blenders are some of the most common offenders, but the devices themselves aren't to blame. The culprit is your loose outlet, and this tiny gadget is the solution you've been searching for.

The so-called Snug Plug is a savior in the likes of a home office where loose outlets can lead to flickering screens, the loss of unsaved work, and countless uncharged devices. In just a matter of seconds, this inconspicuous little plug adaptor rids that problem by making outlets safe and secure.

'Sometimes the best solutions are the obvious ones right in front of us, and I have to admire how something so small can solve such a common frustration,' says Kelly Indah, a tech expert and security analyst at Increditools. 'Lord knows I've lost count of the number of times an appliance cord has slipped free of a loose outlet at the worst possible moment.'

Besides putting an end to frustrations, the Snug Plug scores points on the safety scale too. We all know there are some devices you should never plug into an extension cord if you want a safe, hazard-free home, but the same goes for loose outlets, too. By minimizing arcing and sparks, this gadget reduces the risk of fires and shocks. For $10, you really can't go wrong. Here's why the Snug Plug is a must-have addition to any modern home.

What is a 'Snug Plug'?

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Over time, wall outlets can become loose meaning your plugs can easily fall out. 'Not only is this frustrating but it also reduces the connection between the plug and outlet reducing the flow of electricity,' explains Salim Mitri, co-founder of Snug Plug. It's a common problem in households all across the country, but it's one that few of us had a solution to - until now. 'Snug Plug's "Snuglets" seem like a simple little device, but they are highly engineered to solve the loose outlet problem,' Salim says.

So, what is it, and how does it work? Similar to the lock socket, the Snug Plug device is a small clear clip designed to slide into your outlet helping to secure your plug's pin connectors. 'The plug itself slides into the outlet like normal, but is then held snugly in place from all angles by the ridges and reinforced edges of the insert,' says Kelly Indah of Increditools. 'It's a real no-frills, straightforward approach - which is also part of its genius if you ask me.'

Not only does this quick and easy fix banish the frustration of having your electrical devices' cords falling out during use (hair dryers, irons, vacuums - you name it) but it also improves safety by minimizing the risk of sparks or electrical shocks during use. 'The material is a special nylon and the structure is created to be easy to use, safe, and to solve the problem,' says Salim. 'You just insert a Snuglet into a loose wall outlet and then insert the plug to the device you're using. You can remove it when finished using and take it with you wherever you go.'

If you haven't been worried about your loose outlets until now, you certainly should be. 'They can cause arcing and heat buildup, as well as wasted energy leaking out,' notes Rinkesh Kukreja, a senior software engineer and sustainability expert, as well as the founder of Conserve Energy Future. 'This "vampire" energy waste seems small, but it adds up when you have many loose outlets in a home.'

While effective, however, Rinkesh says Snug Plugs should only be used temporarily until you can get your outlets professionally fixed or replaced. 'I don't recommend using them permanently, especially for major appliances or electronics,' he says. 'Loose outlets often mean old, outdated wiring that needs to be replaced by an electrician to be safe. But for smaller plugged-in devices, snug plugs provide good energy savings and hassle-free connections.' If you want to waste less energy, live more sustainably, and improve safety in your home, Snug Plugs are an excellent short-term solution.

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Kelly Indah

Kelly Indah is a tech expert and security analyst at Increditools. She has worked in the tech field for over a decade, primarily as a software developer and security analyst. She also has a Master's degree in Computer Science and holds a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification.


Are snug plugs safe for outlets?

Snug Plugs are perfectly safe for use inside your outlets. 'They're manufactured using UL-rated materials, it's not conductive of electricity and it's similar to inserting a child outlet safety cover,' says Salim. Loose outlets, however, aren't safe, so you should endeavor to fix the entire outlet at the earliest opportunity.

Does every outlet need a snug plug?

There's no need to use a Snug Plug unless your outlet is causing you issues with loose connections. 'Snug Plug's "Snuglets" are not designed for every outlet in your house, just the loose one,' says Salim. 'A bedroom at home, an outdoor outlet, a coffee house, airport or hotel room, Snuglets are that go-to, instant solution.'

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