5 Clever Ways you can use Your Amazon Alexa Devices to Help you Sleep Better — 'They Revolutionize Your Night Time Routine!'

If you don't have an Amazon Echo device in your bedroom yet, you'll definitely want to after learning about these genius functions

A black Amazon Echo smart speaker on a wooden nightstand next to a bed
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Who doesn't want a better night's rest? No matter how much we invest in the best luxury bedding or the most supportive materials, sometimes we just can't seem to finesse a sleep routine that helps us wake up feeling refreshed.

That's because our nighttime rituals have a much bigger impact on our sleep quality than many of us realize, and another thing you probably don't realize is that your Amazon Alexa device can help. Your smart speaker has plenty of clever functions conducive to a deep slumber, so if you haven't yet got one in your bedroom, now is the time.

'We all have our individual bedtime rituals – from sleeping in a pitch-black room or with a night light, listening to audiobooks or nodding off to the sounds of whales or rain - everyone’s evening is a little different,' says Meryem Tom, UK Managing Director at Amazon Alexa. 'For those looking for something to help them drift off a bit quicker, there are some brilliant Alexa features to have an Alex-cellent night’s sleep.'

From dimming the lights to playing your favorite sleep-inducing sounds before bed, here are five ways you can use your Amazon Alexa device to sleep better ahead of World Sleep Day.


1. Use sleep sounds to soothe you to sleep

An Amazon Echo Pop smart speaker on a dresser

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From pink to white and - these days - nearly every color in between, colored noise is all the rage when it comes to getting a better night's sleep (and for the skeptics, there's science to prove it). Whether you're partial to the fuzzy sound of white noise or prefer relaxing whale sounds, Alexa’s free Sleep Jar skill plays calming sounds to help you sleep more peacefully.

With a variety of ambient sounds to choose from, including rain, thunderstorms, ocean sounds and more, simply say 'Alexa, play white noise' or 'Alexa, play nature sounds' to ease you into the sleepy zone.

2. Drift off to an audiobook 

A black Amazon Echo smart speaker on a bedside table

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Picking up a book before bed can be a great way to switch off, but if you want to give your eyes a break, you can let Alexa read from its selection of free short stories. Just say 'Alexa, read me a nighttime story', or ask it to resume your audiobook through a subscription service such as Audible or Spotify.

If you prefer some calming music as a bedtime ritual instead of a pacy novel that keeps you awake past midnight, Alexa can offer that, too. Simply put on your selected nighttime playlist or ask Alexa to play a relaxing music station.

3. Set up an automated bedtime routine 

Amazon Echo 4th Gen

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Speaking of bedtime routines, you can use your Alexa device to personalize your own nightly ritual. Whether you opt for sleep-inducing sounds or a relaxing audiobook to cue you to sleep, use your Amazon device to set sleep timers that automatically turn the sounds off after a certain amount of time to avoid any distractions interrupting your REM sleep.

4. Let guided meditation relax you

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There's no need to splash out on a spa membership to get your wellness fix. Alexa has a number of meditation skills to provide you with guided exercises to practice mindfulness from the comfort of your bedroom. You can try saying 'Alexa, open Guided Meditation' for a new meditation exercise every day to help you calm your mind and body for a more restful sleep. Try it half an hour before bed to help you wind down after a long day.

5. Turn your echo device into a night light 

An Amazon Alexa Flex in wall outlet demonstrating the night light function

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There's no shame in sleeping with a night light past the age of 10. Some of us sleep better with a warm glow from across the room, and with Alexa’s Night Light skill, you can turn your Echo device into a night lamp with just a simple command. Just say 'Alexa, open night light for 30 minutes' and have it cast a gentle light into your room as you drift off to sleep.

As we celebrate World Sleep Day this Friday, never was there a better time to add an Amazon Echo to your nightstand. Try one of these simple commands and see how much better your sleep becomes.

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