18 of the best bathroom organizers to maximize storage space

Use these clever bathroom organizers to design a neat and tidy bathroom that's clutter-free and easy to navigate

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Should you be redecorating your bathroom soon, then one of these bathroom organizers ought to come in handy when keeping this room clutter-free. A bathroom organizer is an easy way to keep your things in check, whether that be your extensive skincare collection or the copious amount of cotton rounds or toilet rolls that you like to keep stocked up. There's no room for untidiness here...

You've probably spent enough time and effort browsing bathroom ideas when it comes to nailing your decor, so naturally, the next step is to consider storage and organization pieces. Because the last thing you want this room to be is messy.

From bathroom shelves to on-the-countertop organizers and drawer organizers for your bathroom cabinets, these pieces are ultra-versatile so that you can pick the right one to match your space. Combining chic designs and high-quality materials, once these organizers have nestled into your space, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them. This is our round-up of all the premium bathroom organizers you can buy, as chosen by the Livingetc team.

18 of the best bathroom organizers that are practical and stylish

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What to look out for when buying a bathroom organizer

To ensure that you can create a bathroom space with the relaxed feel you need, securing the right organizer for you is essential. Beyond assessing exactly which sort of product you need to deal with your specific messes, these are the criteria to keep in mind as you browse.

There's such a range of sizes when it comes to bathroom organizers, that the first thing to decide on is the scale of tidying you need to do. A trolley or unit is the largest size of organizer out there, complete with drawers, shelves and compartments for toiletries and keeping extra toilet paper out of view. Downsizing from there, you can find countertop organizers for all of your trinkets and valuables and drawer dividers for straightening out the smaller details.

If you want to store your makeup or toiletries in your bathroom but want the option of using your organizer to get ready in your powder room or bedroom, then a portable unit will be a perfect fit. Trolleys or countertop organizers can simply be transferred to where you need them, and score extra points when it comes to versatility.

Accents and color
Bringing your bathroom wall ideas to life is a project that can go hand in hand with organizing. When adding a rattan shelf or decorative ladder, the last thing to really mull over is how it will fit with your overall look, and which decorative accent your organizer can bring.  

How we chose these bathroom organizers

Though we haven't had a chance to test out these bathroom organizers just yet, there are a number of criteria that we follow as we choose the premium products within this roundup. The first is to search for what customers are already buying, so that we know the organizers that people find most useful. Then we closely look at reviews and materials, so that you're viewing the very best organizers. 

Browse more bathroom organizers...

Finding the perfect bathroom organizer is down to plenty of different factors, from the size and shape of your space to whether you have a bath or a shower. Browse more options for your perfect zen bathroom, below...

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