Interiors Therapist reveals the worst decluttering mistake – and how to avoid it

The secret to a clean scheme is simple – this is how to maintain an organized home for good

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Spring cleaning season is slowly approaching – but how can you ensure your scheme stays organized? Interiors Therapist Suzanne Roynon has the solution. 

The bestselling author is an expert in organization – but there is one common mistake that she spots amongst her clients. Here Suzanne shares her stylish storage ideas and decluttering tips that will change how you tidy your home – and keep your space tidy for good. 

The most common decluttering mistake – and how to avoid it 

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‘The biggest mistake is failing to consolidate the changes made by decluttering,’ Suzanne Roynon says. But what exactly does that mean? According to the expert, this occurs when clutter creeps back in within a couple of weeks – meaning your hard work is wasted. 

‘To avoid that happening, it’s essential to go beyond the obvious stuff and include everything which has a detrimental impact on the household,’ Suzanne says. This comes down to your modern decorating ideas – and how you view each of your possessions. 

The author explains that something as simple as a piece of art or a collection of fridge magnets can ‘damage the wellbeing of occupants at a conscious or subconscious level’ – and this promotes negativity in your home. Therefore, the only way to prevent the mess from returning is to review everything and decide if you use it, need it, or love it.

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‘Clarity about possessions helps consolidate the positive feeling which comes with decluttering and makes buying choices, organizing and staying clutter-free in the long term significantly easier,’ Suzanne says. This is especially true in regard to sentimental items – as these are harder to let go of (and even harder to get back).

‘I always recommend investing the time it needs to deal with anything emotional,’ she adds. 

How to maintain a tidy scheme – for a happier home

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Suzanne’s decluttering tips promote positivity in the home – but as the Interiors Therapist reinforces: organization is just one part of the process.

Before reaching [the organization] stage, the individual, couple, or family will have clarity about their possessions and decluttered everything surplus to their happier, healthier, more successful lifestyle,’ she says. ‘Once that’s done, organizing the home becomes intuitive and works with the household rather than against it.’ This will ensure your home stays cleaner and happier for longer. 

Will Suzanne’s design ideas change how you declutter? This spring, we’re going to give our homes an eternal refresh. 

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